2023 is going to be an exciting year!

From Starship to Ariane 6 and Juice to Psyche, not forgetting Euclid and the first commercial missions to the Moon, 2023 promises to be an exciting year. As early as this year, the European Space Agency decided to launch its own manned flight program. Discover our picks of the major astronaut events that will mark … Read more

Luxembourg wants to keep its head among the stars

Seventeen years after joining the European Space Agency (ESA), Luxembourg continues to invest in space. Economy Minister Franz Fayott outlined the country’s new strategy for the next five years. Such a small country in the face of the vastness of space. For nearly twenty years, Luxembourg has been trying to find a place for itself … Read more

Europe agrees to sharply increased budget – liberation

Meeting in Paris, the European Space Agency’s 22 member states voted this Wednesday to subscribe for about 17 billion euros over the next three years, including an ambitious French contribution of 3.2 billion. European Space Agency (ESA) Director Joseph Aschbacher proposed that ESA’s 22 member states dedicate 18.7 billion euros to space activities over the … Read more