YOZONE: Schrodinger on the Beach – Quantum Physics in a Deckchair

Superposition of possibilities. Simultaneously a dead and a living cat. The ability to act instantly on a particle thousands of kilometers away, that is, to transmit information faster than the speed of light. Its a story Lewis Carroll ? A work of science fiction Greg Egan Where Ted Chiang ? The delirium of the flowing … Read more

Ejon: Dr. Bloodmoney – (Fictional Cyberspace)

Published in 1965, ” Bloodmoney Dr. That, whose work began in 1981, reflects the great fear of nuclear war, which was particularly significant at the time. A nuclear apocalypse in which we will never know the ins and outs and before the same kind of accident which we will not know very much, except that … Read more

EasyJet will cut environmental and operational benefits as the first airline partner of Inmarsat and ESA Iris program

Landscaping technology optimizes airspace to reduce traffic congestion and accommodate future growth, while reducing airline delays, fuel burn and emissions LONDON – (Business Wire) – EasyJet today was named the first airline partner of Inmarsat and the European Space Agency’s (ESA) groundbreaking iris program, which uses the latest generation of satellite technology to modernize air … Read more

New documentary series aired on 6th June 23rd

At 9:05 pm on Thursday 23 June, 6ter will begin airing a new documentary event series: “The Queen of Construction Sites”. In France, less than 2% of women in building sites … Greater Paris construction site, construction of a rugby stadium, underwater construction site, work on cliffs or high-voltage lines … In the center of … Read more

After 15 years of success, Michelle Busy tried her hand at science fiction

Invasion, tele-transportation, border abolition and universal language … in New BabelWhich was published on Thursday 3 March, the author drew a portrait of the human condition in 2097. French writer Michel Busi, a geographer who became a novelist, began as a local writer. After 15 years of success, he tackles science fiction because, “In popular … Read more

Throw an unusual success

On May 27, the event series will return to season 4 on Netflix. With the adventures of Eleven, Mike, Will, Dustin and others, this is a whole world we find with nostalgia. In the summer of 2016, a UFO landed on the screen, which immediately made an impression: Stranger Things. In three seasons, this science … Read more