[BD] “The Electric State”, An American Alternative History

Swedish author and artist Simon Stalenhag has published his third book in French. Electric State takes a young girl and her robot on a strange and dangerous “road trip” through war-torn California. Striking. Anyone who has ever drawn their attention to the disturbing paintings of Simon Stellenhag is unlikely to be disappointed by his latest … Read more

Deep in the caves, no one will hear your screams… (on Blu-ray)

Artistic Notes: (3/5) essence An archaeological mission unearths an ancient civilization on a frozen and hostile planet. While exploring a cave, a party member is killed. Ricky returns with a strange mark on his arm. Moments later, he attacks the crew and tries to wreck the ship before being shot. A few days later, Sandy … Read more

What if artificial intelligence is completely overrated …?

An Ameka model from the British company Engineering Arts, equipped with humanoid robots and artificial intelligence, appears at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 5, 2022 3Ethan Miller / Getty Images Getty Images via North America / AFP Myth Google, Meta and OpenAI are investing heavily in this technology, capturing the imagination of … Read more

An ambitious and unequal series (on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD)

Artistic notes: (3/5) Summary In the 22nd century, two Androids, Mother and Father, were tasked with raising human children in Kepler-22b, after the Earth was destroyed in a great war. As humans tear each other apart in the face of religious warfare, robots have learned that trying to control human beliefs is complex and dangerous. … Read more

When science fiction research feeds

2039. France enters an environmentally authoritarian regime: veganism is imposed on the entire population. Due to global warming, agriculture in the south of the Lower has become impossible. This cool future is envisioned by students participating in the “Science Fiction Committee” (CSF). An initiative was launched in 2017 by the Institute for Environmental Transition (ITE) … Read more

Stranger Things Season 4: The Upside Down

1983. In the context of the Cold War, the United States and the USSR raced for space, but not only. Series Stranger ThingsIn which The weather Coming out on 4 May 27, another speculative scientist refers to the nation: that way Parallel world And time manipulation with the Montauk project. Real facts or false stories? … Read more

Ecology is a major subject in science fiction

You may be interested [EN VIDÉO] Interviewer: Is science fiction really scientific? Sometimes it’s hard to know if science fiction is inspired by scientists or in some other way. From its inception to our time, this trend is surprising, of course, because it is based on scientific rationalism. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary … Read more

Author Jules Verne, science fiction and the bridge between the Vietnamese public

>> In search of classic French books and their film adaptations The symposium “Author Jules Verne and Science Fiction in Vietnam” was held on 18 February in L’Espace. Photo: Quê Anh / CVN Jules Verne (1828 – 1905) is a French author whose work, for the most part, consists of 19th-century scientific adventure novels.And The … Read more

Espace Presse – Thinking of the future through SF

How would you describe what science fiction is? Roland Lehuk : Science Fiction (SF) has so many subdivisions that it is difficult to define. The one I love takes sidesPolitical and social expectationsWhich manages to draw civilizational consequences from a scientific framework that provides food for thought about the interaction between science, technology and the … Read more

After 15 years of success, Michelle Busy tried her hand at science fiction

Invasion, tele-transportation, border abolition and universal language … in New BabelWhich was published on Thursday 3 March, the author drew a portrait of the human condition in 2097. French writer Michel Busi, a geographer who became a novelist, began as a local writer. After 15 years of success, he tackles science fiction because, “In popular … Read more