Three passes for SpaceX

The launch was also an opportunity to highlight some statistics: it was the 100th reuse of the first phase of SpaceX, the fiftieth landing of the first phase (and therefore the recovery) – it landed shortfall at the Gravitas barge in the open sea – as well as the fiftieth launch from the Pad LC-39A. … Read more

Traveling at the speed of light: When science fiction challenges scientists

“Now, if we add a charge, which would create an electric force along with gravitational energy, it would be possible to prevent and repel this problem. [de l’autre côté du trou de ver]. Like a giant magnet, we will be attracted to the North Pole and then driven by the South Pole. Once you’ve done … Read more

Callisto Protocol: Release Date and Gameplay Trailer for the Spiritual Successor of Dead Space

Its father, Glenn Schofield, founded it Dead place, Striking Distance Studio Currently developing Callisto protocol, An awesome third-person action game that will take us into space and into the future. The title is given tonight Its the first video Gameplay On the occasion State of the game : It already seems obvious that the game … Read more

China threatens to destroy Starlink satellite

China plans to build a weapon capable of destroying the Starlink satellite galaxy powered by SpaceX. An article written by the researchers and published in a Chinese special journal reveals that Elon Musk’s project could serve military purposes and threaten the interests of the Middle Kingdom. China vs. SpaceX The Starlink epic, launched by the … Read more

How an airline works

The most comprehensive economic model, until the 2000s, was largely based on a model called “full-service” by companies. Obviously, this is a question of including the boarding (checked baggage), flight time (on-board service) and passenger arrival time (gateway directly connected to the terminal) all available services in the air ticket price. Ticket prices thus indicated … Read more

Evaluate when people will explore Jupiter and Saturn

An article, published on the site Archive, Explains that NASA’s next step will be to deploy manned missions to Saturn after the arrival of colonialists on Mars. The study provides information on the scientific significance of robotic search missions on the most distant planets in the solar system. Astronauts can explore Sat., Thursday And them … Read more

What is Multiverse? That’s what scientists say

What is beyond the limits of the observable universe? Is it possible that our universe is part of a much larger multiverse? Movies never tire of exploring these questions. Whether through superhero blockbusters Dr. Strange in Madness’s Multiverse Or like an independent movie Everything Everywhere All at Everything, Science fiction has alternative realities. And for … Read more