Exposure to Pollutants: “Science and Authorities Must Collaborate”

When his team detected 88 chemical contaminants in Luxembourg children by analyzing their hair, LIH professor Bryce Appenzeller sounded the alarm and called for long-term monitoring policies. It is a study that he has already conducted many times for other countries, giving Luxembourg an international reputation and that he is conducting for the first time … Read more

Different values ​​of nature need to be integrated in the decision making process

Following its report on the sustainable use of wild species, Ipbes publishes a second report on biodiversity values. Its authors call for integration into their decision-making process. Otherwise, the crisis will get worse. We all live by nature. It provides us with food, medicine, raw materials and oxygen, regulates climate and plays many other roles. … Read more

Caritas drove the teams out of their torpedoes

The NGO unveiled yesterday, a catalog of its demands in anticipation of the 2023 Assembly elections. The next government has already been called upon to fight poverty and uncertainty in a strong way. Nowadays, the fight against poverty is often limited to subtle words.Carol Reckinger, Caritas Luxembourg’s “political advocacy” manager, did not cut corners on … Read more

Social work of the city under the magnifying glass

In the fire of opposition criticism, which accuses it of favoring repression for the loss of resistance, the College of Alderman details the social action implemented to combat insecurity. Although the first alderman, Serge Williams, detailed our column yesterday, the terms of a new agreement between Luxembourg City and a private security agency have expired … Read more