Tailored services for professionals

By Figaro service for Hello Bank! post 1 minute ago, up to date 1 minute ago Hello Business facilitates the daily management of independent professionals. Hello Bank! Do you have independent professional status? Discover banking solutions and offers tailored to your needs with Hello Bank! Pro.Freelance, liberal profession, craftsman or merchant, Hello Business Banking offer … Read more

Air France-KLM posted its first quarterly profit since the pandemic

Even if the group was hit hard by Covid-19, it still recorded record profits for the quarter. Air France-KLM returned to profit in the second quarter, for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic, but its activity has slowed due to staff shortages at airports. The Franco-Dutch group remained loss-making for the first six months … Read more

What can be provided with a holiday voucher?

Organizations receiving holiday vouchers are recognized by the ANCV logo. OceanProd / Adobe Stock Hotels, museums, restaurants, air tickets, tolls … 200,000 travel and transportation professionals in France receive holiday vouchers. For over forty years, vacation vouchers have enabled employees to finance their leisure expenses with tourism professionals in France. Hotel Overnight, Museum Admission, Transportation … Read more

Airbus has launched the new XXL cargo carrier

Equipped with a gigantic European cargo plane beluga fleet, it will specialize in transporting very heavy loads such as satellites, helicopters or industrial equipment. A heavy helicopter, a satellite, a crane, a container, a large-scale industrial machine or health emergency equipment, quickly transport anywhere in the world. Airbus wants to meet this need in 2023 … Read more

When brands come to rescue this everyday puzzle

Inspired by this mysterious loss that scientists have been able to measure and explain, they have decided to propose a solution. This is a wanted notice that should be plastered on every washing machine in the world. Worthy of a bizarre disappearance, the greatest science fiction scenario, film or detective novel. However, here is not … Read more