EasyJet will cut environmental and operational benefits as the first airline partner of Inmarsat and ESA Iris program

Landscaping technology optimizes airspace to reduce traffic congestion and accommodate future growth, while reducing airline delays, fuel burn and emissions LONDON – (Business Wire) – EasyJet today was named the first airline partner of Inmarsat and the European Space Agency’s (ESA) groundbreaking iris program, which uses the latest generation of satellite technology to modernize air … Read more

Elon Musk wants to fight deforestation and connect the Amazon

Billionaire company SpaceX will launch satellite internet over the Amazon rainforest, which will also help detect illegal deforestation. Alan Musk, an American multi-billionaire, announced in Brazil on Friday that he would “launch a program”Environmental monitoringImproving Amazon and its access to the Internet, just before a meeting with President Jair Bolsonaro. “I am thrilled to be … Read more