EasySchool, a software to answer multiple questions in the world of education

The advent of new technology has revolutionized the system. This revolution has brought about positive changes for the teachers, administration, parents of the students as well as the students themselves. These technological developments help in facilitating the transfer of knowledge to students and the process of monitoring students by administration and parents. These changes are … Read more

‘Warren Buffett of India’ lands new airline Akasa

Billionaire Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, sometimes nicknamed “Warren Buffett from India“, despite an uncertain global economic context and rising kerosene prices, with new company Akasa, launched on Sunday in the turbulent sector of aviation. Also ReadAir: Strike doesn’t sink at low cost see more – Where has post-Covid air traffic resumed? Answer from the CEO of Aéroports … Read more

Olympic Games 2024. France relies on science to optimize athletes’ preparation. the game

With the Winter Olympics opening in China on Friday, February 4, France is already looking ahead to its Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. To achieve its ambitions in terms of medals, it is betting on science with a priority program of research (PPR) titled “Very High Performance Sport”. Twelve projects were selected to benefit … Read more

An Air Tahiti and TNH dual in the Marquesas

Tahiti, August 2, 2022 – Only two airlines have positioned themselves in the country’s new call for tenders for Ua Pau and Ua Hooker services in the Marquesas: Air Tahiti and Tahiti Nui Helicopters. Tahiti Air Charter therefore abandoned the idea of ​​establishing itself at the site, while Air Tahiti will propose to subcontract to … Read more

Green Hydrogen: Indian renewable energy to invest huge $8 billion in Egypt

#another country : Indian company Renew Power has signed an agreement to invest $8 billion in green hydrogen projects in Egypt, a country that is positioning itself to become a real hub in the sector in Africa. The green hydrogen industry is attracting more and more global players to Africa. And Egypt is one of … Read more

Ivory Coast: Dabou, RHDP decided not to take part in Saturday’s ballot due to irregularities citing the election of departmental secretaries, “social cohesion, solidarity and action”.

© Koaci.com – Thursday, July 21, 2022 – 6:46 pm As part of the divisional secretaries’ election scheduled for July 23, 2022, the party’s leadership team has initiated various steps, including the mission to reorganize and establish. It emerged from the mission that “in the context of this election only the old databases sent to … Read more

Social health care actors build on their abilities

The first training session on Social Security in Health began this Wednesday, July 13, 2022 Ouagadougou and will end on July 15, 2022. It will equip key actors involved in the design of policies and strategies for social protection of health. What will happen after this ad The General Directorate of Social Protection, in collaboration … Read more

“And if we can finally rest the soul of Thomas Sankara in peace!” (Tiécoura Fofana)

This is an article by Tychora Fofana, a journalist with Le Dosier on the national situation. And if we can finally rest the soul of Thomas Shankar in peace! What will happen after this ad There are some things that are so normal that it is painful to give them time. But when common sense … Read more

Different values ​​of nature need to be integrated in the decision making process

Following its report on the sustainable use of wild species, Ipbes publishes a second report on biodiversity values. Its authors call for integration into their decision-making process. Otherwise, the crisis will get worse. We all live by nature. It provides us with food, medicine, raw materials and oxygen, regulates climate and plays many other roles. … Read more

Selling bricks, a business that feeds many

As you know, Burkina Faso has experienced the high point of its urbanization in recent decades, building infrastructure here, building big buildings there. This parameter would be a nightmare without engineers, architects and masons. Today another business has joined this big family, and that is selling bricks. This work involves making bricks and then buying … Read more