Three US Navy ships visited allied nations in the Baltic Sea

On August 5, several US Navy ships called at ports bordering the Baltic Sea. With this strategy, the United States expressed its desire to strengthen relations with the Baltic countries, days after the Senate’s decision to approve the process of entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO. Geopolitics in the Baltic Sea The US Navy … Read more

Romanian firefighters were transported to Bordeaux by two C-17s

After many forest fires in France and especially in the Gironde, European mobilization has been organized: several columns of water bombers and fire trucks are on the way or even already deployed in France. The deployment of these columns is usually conducted by road, after deploying a large number of vehicles and personnel. However, Romania … Read more

Rafale is flying for the first time

As the Americans and Soviets unveiled new warplanes, winds of change swept across Europe. Dassault is creating a demonstration, baptized raffle A for French Air Force and Navy orders. An ambitious project In the middle of the Cold War, the Americans released their brand new F-15 Eagle Fighter (first flew July 27, 1972) and the … Read more

China threatens to destroy Starlink satellite

China plans to build a weapon capable of destroying the Starlink satellite galaxy powered by SpaceX. An article written by the researchers and published in a Chinese special journal reveals that Elon Musk’s project could serve military purposes and threaten the interests of the Middle Kingdom. China vs. SpaceX The Starlink epic, launched by the … Read more

How an airline works

The most comprehensive economic model, until the 2000s, was largely based on a model called “full-service” by companies. Obviously, this is a question of including the boarding (checked baggage), flight time (on-board service) and passenger arrival time (gateway directly connected to the terminal) all available services in the air ticket price. Ticket prices thus indicated … Read more