All you need to know about Arts, Media and Communication Studies – Université de Montreal

With our graduate programs in Arts, Media and Communication, put your creativity to work on your projects or studies, preserving and enhancing artistic and cultural heritage in all its forms. Create, save, promote Do you dream of revolutionizing the video game industry or working in the film industry? Do you have an interest in artistic … Read more

Reviews of the best series you’re not watching on Apple TV+

A life odyssey For all mankind proved that its narrative system, jumping ten years to ten years between each season, was a risk that paid off with its incredible Season 2. On the one hand, it made it possible to advance more quickly in the story and therefore to avoid endlessly. Unnecessary or less motivated … Read more

Scratch the heart for the little Annapurna cat

Annapurina One of Key Remains of Edith Finch A The Artful Escape Essential means Kentucky Route ZeroAnnapurna Interactive has established itself over the years One of the most exciting publishers in the video game world. Beyond knowing how to support extremely diverse projects, the company’s ethos has a sincere desire to approach independent gaming as … Read more

Why Arte’s SF series always beats the competition

Since its first broadcast in 2013, Real Humans Still stands as one of the best SF series of the past decade But why? If for you, Thursday evenings equate to discovering good series, it’s because you’ve probably been hanging out on art in recent years. Long before Netflix highlighted fun facts from countries other than … Read more

Here’s the first review of Jordan Peele’s new horror movie

First look at Jordan Peele’s new thriller, Boopgave their opinion, and it would seem that the filmmaker did not disappoint. An undisputed genius to some, a well-meaning political scam to others, Jordan Peele may have divided the public, yet the filmmaker knew how. Revolutionizing the modern horror landscape Through his first two feature films. 2017 … Read more

After Yang: The Dance Machine Review

Logically invested by Hollywood, SF is frequent A giga-spectacle, a digital spray of shipwrecks and a vague excuse for other cosmic explosions, the opposite of what historically constituted its locus of power. Indeed, even ambitious space operas were primarily spaces for imagination and conceptual study. K. From Dick’s Psychedelic Trip, not forgetting Ada Palmer’s Utopian … Read more

You will never see Steven Spielberg’s Mega-Terminator

Promises were not heard. The novel RobopocalypseDaniel H. Wilson’s writing is set to adapt to Steven Spielberg’s movies. But history has made another decision. It all started before the novel was published in June 2011. Steven Spielberg is interested in it Robopocalypse When working in parallel Tintin’s Adventures: The Mystery of the Unicorn, A three-part … Read more

The remake of the Cult series finally unveils a summary

NBC has released an official summary and release date for the reboot Quantum codeReligion time travel series. Welcome to 2022 where new common time travel. If you don’t know, getting back on time is now as routine as buying a bus ticket. Only one thing is needed to accomplish the feat: fully realize your nostalgia … Read more

YOZONE: Schrodinger on the Beach – Quantum Physics in a Deckchair

Superposition of possibilities. Simultaneously a dead and a living cat. The ability to act instantly on a particle thousands of kilometers away, that is, to transmit information faster than the speed of light. Its a story Lewis Carroll ? A work of science fiction Greg Egan Where Ted Chiang ? The delirium of the flowing … Read more