[BD] “The Electric State”, An American Alternative History

Swedish author and artist Simon Stalenhag has published his third book in French. Electric State takes a young girl and her robot on a strange and dangerous “road trip” through war-torn California. Striking. Anyone who has ever drawn their attention to the disturbing paintings of Simon Stellenhag is unlikely to be disappointed by his latest … Read more

Exposure to Pollutants: “Science and Authorities Must Collaborate”

When his team detected 88 chemical contaminants in Luxembourg children by analyzing their hair, LIH professor Bryce Appenzeller sounded the alarm and called for long-term monitoring policies. It is a study that he has already conducted many times for other countries, giving Luxembourg an international reputation and that he is conducting for the first time … Read more

Inflation, unemployment: Two evils that threaten social stability

How to fight inflation without increasing unemployment? The question has been at the center of economic thought since New Zealand economist Alban Phillips theorized in 1958 the relationship between inflation and the unemployment rate: when the unemployment rate falls, wages rise and companies raise prices to recover their margins; Conversely, when unemployment rises, prices fall. … Read more

[Critique ciné] “Ich Bin Den Mensh”, love story and “Say, Siri”

Ich bin dein Mensch, A film by Maria Schrader (comedy, science fiction). With Maren Eggert, Dan Stevens, Sandra Hüller … (1h48). In front of the camera, he was shining in Margaret von Trota and Agnieszka Holland or in the great spy series Germany 83, With strong and often serious roles. After a flick through the … Read more

Caritas drove the teams out of their torpedoes

The NGO unveiled yesterday, a catalog of its demands in anticipation of the 2023 Assembly elections. The next government has already been called upon to fight poverty and uncertainty in a strong way. Nowadays, the fight against poverty is often limited to subtle words.Carol Reckinger, Caritas Luxembourg’s “political advocacy” manager, did not cut corners on … Read more

Social work of the city under the magnifying glass

In the fire of opposition criticism, which accuses it of favoring repression for the loss of resistance, the College of Alderman details the social action implemented to combat insecurity. Although the first alderman, Serge Williams, detailed our column yesterday, the terms of a new agreement between Luxembourg City and a private security agency have expired … Read more

Morocco moves forward with implementation of social security normalization and reduction of regional and social inequalities

RABAT – The Prime Minister, Aziz Akhanouch, on Tuesday in Rabat, called on all ministerial departments to intensify efforts to expedite the implementation of the plan to normalize social security in accordance with the wishes of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. According to a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr. Akhanuch, who chaired … Read more

Credit Agricol has launched “Tasbeeq Adman Al-Ijtimai”

Casablanca – Credit Agricole du Marc (CAM), a leading partner in farmers and rural world, has launched a product dedicated to AMO “Tasbeeq Adman Al-Ijtimai”. “CAM is uniting for the success of the program for farmers and rural world first partners, the Ministry of Agriculture, Marine Fisheries, Rural Development and the Ministry of Water and … Read more

[Bande dessinée] Jeep, extended author

The creator of Titeuf, Baby with Blonde Locks and has sold over 25 million albums worldwide, writing and drawing Swiss Jeep for adults. Proof as to what his new and highly successful album We Are. An eco-political legend on extended and helpful people. Conference. In the opening, in the first two boxes, the face of … Read more