2023 is going to be an exciting year!

From Starship to Ariane 6 and Juice to Psyche, not forgetting Euclid and the first commercial missions to the Moon, 2023 promises to be an exciting year. As early as this year, the European Space Agency decided to launch its own manned flight program. Discover our picks of the major astronaut events that will mark … Read more

How did it all start?

On May 6, 2022, the SpaceX company, which has become an important player in the space sector over the past decade, celebrated its twentieth anniversary. In two decades, the company founded by Elon Musk has become a powerful and sought-after firm around the world. Futura invites you to return to the beginning and course of … Read more

Scientific Council on Bow Out

Created in 2020, the Scientific Council will leave the stage on July 31, officially declaring a health emergency. The Covid-19 pandemic is not over, but the Scientific Council is preparing to bow out at the end of July after nearly two and a half years of activity based on final recommendations and some lessons. Created … Read more

The book “God, Science, Evidence” Serves Science and Faith “

With their books God, science, proof (Guy Trédaniel, 2021), Michel-Yves Bolloré and Olivier Bonnassies throw a stone into a pond. Their goal is to describe and estimate recent advances in physics and cosmology “Evidence of the existence of God (Those) Modern, clear, rational, multifaceted, objectively confronted (sic) In the real world “. Later “The undivided … Read more

How did it all start?

Like Percival Lowell in modern times, Elon Musk A true Mars enthusiast. So much so that, since the early 2000’s, only 30-year-old millionaires wanted to go into space. Initially, Musk’s goal was to build a scientific foundation on the Red Planet with the project March Oasis. But the cost of such a design compels him … Read more

Why hasn’t SpaceX’s Starship launched yet?

You too will be interested [EN VIDÉO] SpaceX: Replay of successful flight of Starship SN15 prototype SN15 spesaeksera Starship prototype spacecraft to fly high and see. The machine landed successfully in the planned landing zone and for the first time without an explosion! The most important element Starship Raptor is the engine. Since the announcement … Read more