Become a marketing and digital conversion manager in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Paris

Having digital skills is essential for integrating into the job market. Indeed, both start-ups and large companies are looking for employees capable of understanding marketing analysis, mastering social networks, and managing an e-reputation. This is especially true in a context where companies are accelerating their digital transformation. Friday, May 13, 2022 at 12:30 pm, EFAP, … Read more

How Jacob Zuma contributed to the destruction of this kind – Zion Africa

Corruption is sometimes revealed as light. In 2021, South Africa was without electricity for 1,136 hours or 47 days. That year, loadshedding increased 37% compared to 2020, a statistic that has been steadily rising since 2018. This is the fault of the public electricity company. After years of embezzlement and mismanagement, the company is forced … Read more

SpaceX, another nugget of Elon Musk

SpaceX is twenty years old and has been writing the history of space ever since. Will his giant and revolutionary new rocket starship launch this year, like Elon Musk? No one knows. Keeping calendars is not a strong point for someone who has revolutionized the automotive industry with Tesla. But Starship, the rocket that returned … Read more

Luxembourg has a third airline

Luxair and Cargolux planes will soon join a new Luxembourg airline. Aviation Laura Banner Luxair and Cargolux planes will soon join a new Luxembourg airline. It responds in the name of Flylax Airlines. A new airline has emerged in Luxembourg. 61 years after the birth of Luxair and 52 years after Cargolux, a third Luxembourg … Read more

Social Security Fund: Due to its reforms, DG Fode became the enemy of Sis’s defeat.

The director general of the National Social Welfare Fund for State Agents made a massive reform a few months ago to clear the files of state pensioners appointed. This dynamism is not without making many enemies, because the pension service is a dairy cow, a source of supply for many state employees.Highly committed and determined … Read more