Bernard Freut – The Story of Our Social History and Social Security

In his latest work, Bernard Freut deconstructed the current Social Security details. “All this lies!” He explained to us, “In 1946, everything was already there!”. In the video below, Bernard Freut explains this construct by answering the question of the responsibility of research in describing our social history. During this conference, Bernard Freut took the … Read more

Renault’s weapon to establish itself in the mobilized, uncertain mobility business

A new plan for Renault’s mobility support company The French autonomous group is again trying to build its service offer with a plan dedicated to Mobilize, the dynamics branch of which was created in January 2021 when the Renaulution Strategic Plan was announced. “Mobilize reverses the classic equation of the automotive industry, starting with services … Read more

Cascade Tissue Group expects private label growth

Since the COVID-19 epidemic has evolved into something local, with the advent of new forms, tissue paper makers must work hard to stay on top of the game. The virus affects manufacturers in a number of ways: production, products, markets and, of course, labor. With the return to normal life in a number of countries, … Read more

Rich business in prison

Former inmates are heard condemning the poor conditions in prisons. What we didn’t know was that there was a lot of business going on in the prisons. The situation was aired yesterday by Guy Marius Sagna, coordinator of the Frap France Degage movement, who animated a press briefing with the families of the prisoners in … Read more

Quebec wants a national student defender

Fewer steps for filing complaints, an independent student ombudsman and a uniform and “efficient” process for all students, public or private: the Minister of Education, Jean-Franোয়াois Ruberg, on Tuesday introduced a bill to facilitate handling complaints. Reform. Posted on November 23, 2021 Mary-Eve Morase The press Complaining to a school service center in Quebec is … Read more

Market News |

Pfizer has announced that it will acquire Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company, a manufacturer of migraine drugs, for approximately US 11.6 billion. (Photo: 123RF) News is essential • Bank of Canada indicates next rate hike Faced with rising inflation, Canada’s central bank has taken the rare step of guiding its interest rate to meet market expectations … Read more

New “Climabonus” Program: Reform and Strong Financial Assistance for Implementing Environmental, Energy and Social Transformation

© MECDD (Left to right) Fen Faber, Director Clima-Agencies; Henry Cox, Minister of Housing; Joel Welfarering, Minister for Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development; Claude Termes, Minister of Energy The goal of the Climabonus program is to make our homes more energy efficient, facilitate the choice of emissions-free mobility solutions, and manage our environment and our … Read more