Novatic: ambitious leverage News Attic

A creative consulting firm thanks companies for an approach that helps them emerge to their full potential that is general, technical and humane. Portrait of it Novatic (And discuss the importance of advocating social causes in business) David Chartrand. In the metaphorical fantasy world, the desire to take a business to the next level can … Read more

“Walking Simulator” to explore in peace

No work, no need for superhero reflexes; In these games you must rely on your intellectual and observational skills which are in favor of linear description. Welcome to the world known as “Walking Simulator” in English. A subgenre of adventure games and now a genre of its own, “Walking Simulator” offers “gamers” a cool oasis … Read more

“The first step in employment”! – Lord’s Act

This Monday, May 9 at 4 pm, in the district of Landera, Operation “The First Steps Towards Employment” was presented, in the presence of Mayor Thierry Lavitt, Deputy Mayors. Sicilian Provost in charge of housing, social and cohesive economy, environmental transformation and living environment, Sylvie Mazurek in charge of culture, Hautes Pyrénées Fabrice QUERCY, director … Read more

PACTE PROGRAM: Now, a secret guide

Investment Quebec. Ministry of Economy. Auditor General of Quebec. All refuse to provide well-known internal guidelines and standards that give companies secure access to the Concerted Temporary Action Program for Business (PACTE). Read more: PACTE PROGRAM: PLQ wants to force Fitzgerald to explain himself “If the Minister Dr. [Pierre Fitzgibbon] Want to show her credentials, … Read more

A24, the new code of independent cinema

By Clementine Goldjal Published today at 06:00 Reserved for our customers InvestigationOne character and two numbers in credits are synonymous with quality independent film Ten years after its inception, this New York-based distribution and production company, Cinephilia, has become a major player in the world. Overseas to the ear this year, the A24 could achieve … Read more

Gabriel Guardian is looking for a fifth and final term in the town of Vaudreuil-Dorion. Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Elected as Councilor of District 6, St.-Michel for the first time in 2005, Gabriel Parent wants to regain the confidence of the citizens for a final term in the town of Woodreville-Dorion, where he has several large-scale projects in his sector. “ I have a neighborhood that affects the elderly as much as the younger … Read more