School Board Reform: Parents’ Committee Increases Pressure

On October 1, the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Jean-Franোয়াois Robert, introduced Bill 40, amending the Education Act, primarily on school organization and governance. With this bill, the Quebec Government of Coalition Avenue (CAQ) seeks to transform school boards into service centers. The Council of Commissioners will thus be replaced by a Board of … Read more

Science fiction, fantasy, expectation, fantasy: unlimited fantasy

Movies… television… literature… video games ল্ fantasy worlds know no boundaries, their only reality is that they have no boundaries, but their complex horizons are sometimes hard to keep in perspective. What’s the difference between science fiction, fantasy, anticipation, marvel and fantasy? Although some literature precedes Article 20And Centuries – such as Adventure, Horror or … Read more

War in Ukraine: Sweden’s Social Democratic Party approves NATO candidacy

When Rimma Filimoshkina was practicing hammer-throwing in Mariupol at the start of the war in Ukraine, her neighbors thought she was throwing a bomb. Ukrainian hammer throw athlete Rimma Filimoshkina shows off her medal at the 24th Summer Deaf Olympics in Caxius do Sul, Brazil, on May 12, 2022. Silvio Avila / AFP But his … Read more

Repair from separation

After literature and poetry, now David Goodworth is addressing children, to tell a real and less inspiring story of their separation. Sorry: Repairs. Published in 1er June 2021 Sylvia Gallipo The press A beautiful story of my parents repairing, breaking up, Offering a very fair, sweet and funny look about parental separation seen by their … Read more

The latest trial treatment of Bohringer Ingelheim associated with a gradual deterioration of lung function in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Promising data from a 12-week Phase II trial with BI 1015550, a novel phosphodiesterase inhibitor 4B (PDE4B) Experimental, published in The New England Journal of Medicine The potential new treatment for progressive pulmonary fibrosis (PPF) is based on Bohringer Ingelheim’s leadership role in pulmonary fibrosis and will enter into a third-stage clinical trial program. New … Read more

The CAF director left

5:51 pm – May 15, 2022 Mary Agnes Cudre has always shown a strong attachment to social action. – © Picasa Marie-Agnes Cudre-Vienne joined the agricultural regime. The new phase of a prosperous course has firmly turned to social action. After more than five years as head of the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales de Haute-Saône, Marie-Agnès … Read more