The Adventure Within – Joe Dante

Summary: The powerful head of the United States Navy, Lt. Tuck Pendleton volunteers for a very risky experiment. Miniature under the control of a pocket submersible, it will be injected into the body of a rabbit. But evil industrial spies intercept the chip that can reverse the process. That’s when Tuck finds himself driven into … Read more

Why do aliens not answer us?

This article is from the July-August 2022 issue of Sciences et Avenir – La Recherche n°905-906. “The universe is a dark forest where every civilization is a hunter armed with a rifle. […] He must be careful, because the forest is full of other hunters like him. If he targets any other living creature […], … Read more

“Our science is sick! » … Researchers around the world are concerned

Too many errors or falsehoods in publications, lack of rigor in scientific research, treatments approved too quickly and proven ineffective… The scientific world is wondering about the direction research is taking and the excessive influence of big pharmaceutical industry and policy during an international conference in Split, Croatia 4 More than a day’s topics are … Read more

The most unique club in world football

1. Asbury Park FC most metaphorical Asbury Park FC looks like an average soccer club, with one difference: it doesn’t host matches. Once again this season, APFC wears a black jersey with a wide white collar, a bit vintage, reminiscent of its heyday… eight years ago, when the club was born. A club that certainly … Read more

Comics to read this summer

essential How many good titles have you missed over the years? The holidays are a good time to catch up. Here’s a small selection to help you out. Eagle across the sea The lost ages MDD After the tragic events at Fort des Landes, Ellen fled. Exiled by his clan, hunted by a band of … Read more

[Éditorial de Brian Myles] The RCMP do not deserve our trust

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) confirmed it has used spyware in 32 police investigations since 2017, as part of the work of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics. The federal police representative and public security minister, Marco Mendicino, have spent much of their time avoiding questions from elected officials on … Read more

Hunting: Very elegantly simple

It took 35 years and six films, but thanks to Pre (Disney+) The Predator Saga finally has a sequel worthy of the original film. The Predators originated in the June 1987 John McTiernan film of the same name, written by brothers Jim and John Thomas. This work of science fiction features a powerful alien creature … Read more

Boston’s first director of green infrastructure graduated from Northeastern

A graduate of Northeastern University, Kate England made environmental history as the city of Boston’s first Green Infrastructure Director. The appointment, recently announced by Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, will give England a leading role in developing and maintaining green and sustainable approaches to stormwater diversion and eliminating ‘heat islands’. “Green infrastructure goes hand in hand … Read more