Manawane cuts: a shared responsibility, but no consequences

The investigation also establishes responsibility In small quantities and indirectly Of the Atikameku Council Territorial Resource Center in Manawan. Aboriginal Space was able to receive an investigation report that included recommendations. There is frustration among the Atikmekuds Despite advice and five coordination meetings since 2016 to set up a cutting sector in the Dubey family’s … Read more

Marina Martinez and Andres Finji have won the Affirmation Star 2022 title

The Effervescence Stars competition awards the work and scientific achievements of young and talented researchers at the University of Quebec who have contributed to the development of life sciences in Quebec. Among the three researchers who have set themselves apart this year are Marina Martinez, an associate professor in the Department of Neuroscience at the … Read more

Provides autonomous trucking skills and environmental benefits

Reducing transportation-related emissions and automating the driving process may seem unrelated, but self-driving trucking company Lokmation has seen a 22% reduction in GHG emissions in its real-world operations. So says Cetin Mericli, CEO and co-founder of the company, which has trucks on the road in the United States. Speaking at the ACT Expo, Merrickley said … Read more

Entrepreneur is a model of success

Mr. Rand Fournier, a great entrepreneur from the Thetford area, died on May 6 at the age of 88. Entrepreneurs are considered as models of success. He has something to inspire people in his professional life. A graduate in tinsmithing from Thetford Mines School of Arts and Crafts, Rand Fournier took advantage of his first … Read more

Market News |

JetBlue has made an unfavorable, all-cash takeover bid for Spirit Airlines. (Photo: 123RF) News is essential দাবি Ukraine claims victory in Kharkiv, Russians fall behind. Counter-Ukrainian forces pushed Russian forces back northeast of the country and drove them out of the city of Kharkiv, then advancing on the Russian border, according to Ukrainian officials. • … Read more

An expert has mentioned the risk of gas exploitation in Moselle

Residents fear environmental risks as Moselle faces a gas exploitation project. For the first time, a geologist, Fran কর্মaise de l’énergie, a former employee who is managing the project, has expressed deep doubts about the profitability and pollution to RMC. Moselle absorbs a layer of gas, near Saint-Avold? Residents don’t want to hear about the … Read more

Money, the importance of technology for information »PACA’s economic and political newsletter

Digital transformation began in the finance sector before 2020. In recent years it has experienced a boom as well as a very strong acceleration with COVID-19. Indeed, if the data issue was already of increasing importance before the crisis, it would continue to develop at a dangerous pace in 2020. At the same time, Big … Read more

Driver Inc. More and more innumerable

Unfair competition, billions of dollars in tax losses, reduced working conditions … Truckers condemn the arrival of these new “disguised employees” popular in Ontario. “Driver Inc. costs 30% to 40% less than an employee,” sighed Stephen LeBron, a truck driver at Transport Robert for 24 years. “We do not blame the immigrants who do this … Read more