Tunisia: Worse and worse, despite Sayed’s instructions, a businessman testified [AUDIO]

According to the disgusting testimony of a businessman who runs a textile business and who set out this Monday morning, June 4, for an important event in the sector, there is nothing new under the Tunisian sun, despite the firm commitment of the authorities. However, the head of state, Kais Said, seized the files of Tunisian passengers stranded abroad this weekend due to failure to maintain and supply spare parts. He even got the transport minister in this sense and demanded to alleviate the suffering of the customers of the national company as soon as possible. We have to believe that it will take much longer than the general president’s anger to heal the national carrier from the mountain of his illness.

This BunismanWho had to leave for Paris early in the morning to organize the stands as part of an international fair, he confirmed. Digital Tunisia :

“We are going to Paris this morning for a very important fair to be held on Tuesday. Today we were supposed to go to France to prepare the holes to start work directly tomorrow. We are following the Tunisian press releases which say that things will start to get normal from this Monday and there will be no more delays and so on. So today’s flight to Paris at 7:40 was supposed to go smoothly. We were told there was no plane, the device would arrive late, around 9:30 am and Inch’Allah if there was a plane. [appréciez le flou artistique !] We will travel at 12 noon, ”said the businessman.

Note that Transport Minister Rabi Majidi was on a private radio this morning; He made promises, made promises, apologized but warned that Tunisia would not be able to keep its promises again. Here we are talking about hundreds of people, who are stuck in the discomfort of the world’s airports for hours on end, waiting days, whatever their level of equipment and who have no conversation to give accurate information …

Achilles Hill of the National Company will have information, good information and in time so that people can survive this ordeal which can be easily avoided. But here it is: with Tunisia’s significant and infamous negligence, with the criminal laxity of its staff, we must add to this lack of humanity which means that no one puts themselves in the place of the affected passengers …

“The immediate consequence is that we will arrive in France too late. We will not be able to complete the pit preparations on time. Otherwise we have meetings with the actors of this fair. So all this is causing a big disruption, greatly affecting our work. The key to success in such events, ”said the economic operator.

“We are aware of the difficulties of the national company, but what we are most sorry about is the lack of communication. At the border they delayed us or the fact that a plane was not available so we could prepare accordingly. It could have prevented us from showing up at the airport at 5am, saying ‘sorry’ on the spot, no plane and if there was, it would be 4, 5 hours later. ” Merchant.

“Tunisia can no longer allow itself a national airline that behaves in this way in the current situation. The bill is too salty for the country. These hiccups have changed the picture in Tunisia. In addition to personal tragedy, it is about the nation’s reputation (…). Inch’Allah a leap will be given by the state, because this is a matter for the whole nation “, concluded the businessman …

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