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The 86 Eighty-six Anime adaptations deserve all the recognition in the world. With Season 1 officially ending, it’s time to catch the series! So instead of writing a long article about why you should watch the show, let’s do it differently and have fun. So here are 86 reasons you should look 86 Eighty-six.




86. One of the most anticipated series of the fall of 2021

86 Eighty-six 6th place in our “Most Expected Anime of the Fall” poll It was the only series to dethrone Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Part 2 From our weekly Winter 2022 poll’s tops. And the series has more than 800,000 members on MyAnimeList titled “86” and “86 Part 2”.

85. Elements of World War II

Throughout the series, viewers will begin to connect the dots and understand how World War II affected the series. The author, Asato Asato, also acknowledges this in the first volume of the light novel series.

84. Epic animation

For a dialogue-heavy series, the anime actually has some nice animations, especially during the war scene. What it looks like to see some explosions during the war Too Real

83. Studio: A-1 Photo

The studio is one of the most prestigious in the entire industry. With titles like Sword Art Online, your lie in April, Kagua-sama: love fight, delete, And Anohana, 8 years old, 86 It is already one of the best known series in the studio.

82. The A-1 picture is completely backwards

The studio has announced that the anime will now have two classes. Despite falling behind in calling it “Season Two” and “Court Two”, the studio has already planned a second court so soon, which is a very good sign for a future season.

81. A-1 is one of the highest rated series in photography

If we don’t count movies, 86 Eighty-six Already one of the highest rated series for the studio. And considering the stacked lineup of the studio, it’s huge, with lots of sequels.

80. Beautiful colors

This seems like a weird reason, but it’s true. Each house and decor has amazing color palettes depending on the situation. 86 Eighty-six Her incredible use of color does an extraordinary job of tying the mood together.

86-eighty-one part 1

79. Variety of character

86 Eighty-six There is a wide variety of characters formed by multiple races and genders.

86 animated
86-eighty-one part 1

78. Stellar Character Development

I say that I have to go that far 86-eighty-six The last five years have seen the development of some of the best characters of all. Many of the people you know from the first episode are now incredibly different in many ways as the first season officially ends.

77. Cool character design

Asato himself approved the character design created for the anime. He admits that they look fantastic and that they are OK. They follow almost a t to the light designs of the novel, which is not always the case.

76. Interesting technology

Para-red devices are certainly the main target of popularity in terms of technology 86 Eighty-six. Although questions have been raised about its use and purpose during the series, its concept and how it works with the human brain is interesting to say the least.

75. Weapons

Soldiers 86-eighty-six Pistols, rifles, etc. are standard, they even have standard landmines and mortars. Then there are things like juggernauts, a four-legged piloted drone equipped with weapons. And that’s the tip of the sci-fi weapon throughout the whole series.

74. War strategy

It’s really great to see how the tactics are conducted before the war between the soldiers and their commanders. Although considered flawed due to the technology used and other deep, dark factors, the series certainly introduces a new twist on how to command troops.

73. Fido

Fido is the personal scavenger drone of the Spearhead Squadron. He will recover those who need ammunition, find any part that may be needed after the war is over, and much more. It may not seem like much, but Fido actually plays a very important role in the series. So watch the series and find out for yourself!

72. This is a science fiction series

The war-torn countries must do the same with the weapons and technology we have for years in the future 86 Eighty-six A sci-fi series and it’s glorious. Very few popular sci-fi series have come out this year (Dr. Stone, VV: Fluorite Eye’s song) And 86 Eighty-six This short but must have list is definitely there.

71. This is a drama series

It’s really hard to think about the reason for not calling 86 Eighty-six A drama. Lots of conflict. A plot-driven story. And a bunch of emotionally driven characters. How can this be without drama?

70. Romance has a pinch

It’s not yet a romance anime, but the 86-something Six certainly has its small moments that hint at it. It’s also not unreasonable, and it doesn’t rush into anything immediately. Small moments don’t slow down the pace and it makes for some fan-favorite moments. It’s not much, but it sure is.

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86-eighty-one part 1

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