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Kovid no longer occupies everyone’s lips because it has been going on for the last two years. The companies have resumed normal or almost normal activities … The government ended the health protocol of the companies on March 14, 2022. These 25-page rules published by the ministry have been deleted due to poor spread of the virus. Labor, employment and integration, which provide conditions for the protection and monitoring of infected employees. It has now given way to a two-page text listing pollution risk prevention measures.

Kovid-19 remembers us. It is far from invisible to the new look. The Kovid epidemic appears to be on the rise again in recent weeks, with 125,066 new contaminants recorded on July 1, 2022, up from 17,705 on May 27. The fertility rate called R is above 1, which proves that the epidemic is progressing again.

Who is the contact case?

The increase in the number of positive people, which has an immediate effect on the number of people in terms of communication between the population skyrocketed. Business leaders and human resource managers must deal with the presence of clusters in some of their departments, without following any mandatory recommendations. However, health insurance recommendations apply to patients and communications.

The definition of communications case provided by health insurance leaves little doubt as to the interpretation: “If a person communicates with a positive person for Covid-19 without effective protective measures, then a person is in a communicative case.” The company further states that the communication must have been in between Face within 2 m, regardless of duration. Communications are also admitted as people who are infected in the same room at the time At least 15 drawn or incremental minutes in 24 hours.

A contact case is a contact case but not a contact case. There is no legal obligation as long as the test results are unknown in the case of primary communication. However, health insurance advises to act with caution, in Limit social and family communication, And to monitor the possible presence of its temperature and symptoms. If symptoms appear, it is also advisable to get an immediate examination. If the contact case test comes back positive, it switches to the rules and recommendations that apply to communication.

Covid: There is no obligation to inform your employer

Health insurance asks positive people to declare and inform in their contact. They then receive an SMS that allows them to benefit from a free test conducted by a health professional. It is also recommended to reduce their social activity in communication, especially to avoid crowded places or even Wear the mask until the negative test. Positive employees for Covid-19 should therefore inform their colleagues and all those with whom they have spent time. But nothing compels them to report to their boss.

“The employee must declare to his employer that he is ill, simply because he cannot work for a certain period of time. But he did not There is no obligation to give reasons, And so it can be said whether he is positive for Kovid-19. So the onus is not on the employer to warn his colleagues, ”explained Jean-Yves Gillette, a lawyer at the tour bar who specializes in labor law.

Although the employer is bound by an obligation to the safety and health of its employees, legal professionals recall. These two principles (non-information by employees and protection of coworkers) seem to be competing in this regard, but they must be combined. “As a precaution, we always advise the employer to be aware of the Covid case Ask staff to checkTrying not to reveal the identity of the person could be a source of contamination, ”the lawyer said.

So nothing prevents the entrepreneur from taking precautions. “We had a case of an employee whose wife had a contact case,” he testified Aurelian Bros., Co-founder and president of Little Worker, an internal reform company founded in 2016, with 65 employees. “I told him to telecommute for 14 days. This is certainly a cost to society, since in our activity we certainly cannot do everything by telework. But I prefer to pollute the whole office, ”said the concerned entrepreneur to limit the spread of the virus.

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