2050: A “low power” military operation in Southeast Asia

The scenario was created by the Red Team, a team of science fiction writers brought together by the Defense Innovation Agency. Introduction: To publish two scenarios a year for the army to face the extreme situation. The Red team has already published six such papers, which will cover the challenges throughout the summer in a concise and re-edited format as part of the summer series of Breakup Scenarios. Good reading!

A trauma. In 2038, a series of megafires, ranging from oil wells, plunged the entire planet into darkness for three months. This “organic night” evokes an unprecedented awareness: the decarbonization of the atmosphere, the question of survival, will suffer no more exceptions. At the end of 2038, an energy sobriety and decarbonization agreement was signed by the major powers. Each nation establishes a power division that sets the tone for public policy. Promises are strict: Every organ of the nation, administration, company or individual, is responsible for sustainable energy restraint. Every query in a search engine, for example, has a power cost that is charged to the user.

Red Team ছবি Photo by Franোয়াois Schwetten from Red Team Defense’s “Low Energy, After the Carbonic Night” scene

The army is not exempt from this rationing. Ancon device, a device with a “threshold of joules” approved under threat, must justify their every energy expenditure. Encon 1, the lowest level, dedicated to intelligence work. A prudent protection operation, such as sheltering a person, allows you to benefit from more energy (Ancon 2 or 3). Conventional activities are performed under Ancon 4. The Econ 5 (unlimited power budget) is triggered only in open and high-intensity collisions.

Faced with this new energy deal, strategies are changing, as are tools. A new kind of suit equips the soldier: Enskin. This tool optimizes the speed, muscle, and calorific energy produced by each movement of the soldier, who can test his energy level on a flexible screen in his right arm. The suite is equipped with a communication system certified by Blockchain, an automatic translator that allows you to speak the language of the country, and a night vision helmet that enables you to see the drone. The soldier is equipped with a waterproof dome tent, which collects solar energy and water (rain, condensation).

“EnergyScore” of military equipment © Red Team Defense

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