Fraud: $ 422,000 removed from the union

The former president of Quebec’s private security syndicate is said to have embezzled more than $ 422,000 from workers’ money, which he allegedly used to buy condos and a luxury car.

Patrick Pelerin, who was fired by his union on December 16 and targeted by a criminal investigation, led the FTQ-affiliated steel workers as president of the local 8922. He ran an association of 16,000 members who received little pay, including security guards and flagmen.

But until December 2020, United Steelworkers alleged, he had aligned his pockets at the expense of workers through “sophisticated fraud schemes.”

He is accused of using his position as union president to award two fraudulent contracts to a company owned by his son’s girlfriend. In particular, he used the excuse of creating a website that did not exist before.

Eventually, according to Steelworkers, the funds ran out in two of his Royal Bank accounts. No less than 80 fraudulent transactions were listed.

Multiple legal documents and confiscation notices, in consultation with our Bureau of Investigation, show that the union president acquired the following assets for embezzlement:

– A condo at the end of a ski slope in Stoneham, north of Quebec

– Another condo from Troyes-Rivieres

– A 2021 Acura TLX luxury sedan

It was Sûreté du Québec that launched a search on 15 December to warn the union.

The next day, Pelerin was fired. Within hours, he put his car up for sale for $ 53,000 on the Kiziji website. A few weeks later, he also marketed his Stoneham condo for 350,000.

“His search for a valuable asset came just days after the search warrant was issued […] Fraudulent acts, “said Vincent Boyle, acting president of the local 8922, in a sworn statement to court.

According to Mr Boyle, the union has confiscated the property of its former president, fearing it would be destroyed, especially since Pelerin “used a pseudonym” to sell them, according to Mr Boyle.

In a brief statement in his defense, filed in court on May 24, Pelerin “denied any wrongdoing.”

“Both the contract, the design and the analysis, actually led to the delivery of the service,” he said in writing, assuring that he had followed “personally”.

According to him, if it was “impossible” to access the website, his son’s wife, whose company received the contracts, died on December 25, 2020.

“Steps with host GoDaddy, with which [la petite amie de son fils] It did business to host the sites it was designing, but could not find the source code, “he argued.

“The use of a WordPress platform for website design makes the source code retrieval task even more difficult,” said Pelerin, a business security official.

The United Steelworkers’ local 8922 has remained loyal since Patrick Pelrin’s dismissal last December.

Last week, our Bureau of Investigation revealed that four Steelworkers’ Union officers, including Mr. Pelerin, had been fired for embezzlement.

“It’s a theft. We can’t afford it, and we will never tolerate it,” Dominic Lemieux, director of Steelworks in Quebec, assured in an interview.

Condo in Stoneham

Patrick Pelerin

Photo by Remy Nadeu

Condos in Troyes-Rivires

Patrick Pelerin

Screenshot Google Maps

2021 ACURA TLX, in black

The highly anticipated 2021 Acura TLX will arrive at the dealership by the end of September

Photo courtesy, Acura Canada

– In collaboration with Nicholas Braceau and Frederick Marx

1 Between December 2019 and December 2020, Patrick Pellerin was accused of plotting to fund the union. 18,051.05 Effervescence, the company of his son’s girlfriend Marie-Claude Châteauneuf for creating a website.

However, this website “never existed”According to Steelworkers.

2 Between January 2019 and December 2020, Pelerin operated to get the union to pay 404,305.95 Functionality for “V1 Go’s insurance component”.

The Steel Workers’ Union says that ” These Expenses were not authorized in any way, as they did not provide any services. “And another company was compelled by the union to supply them.

3 Sûreté du Québec has established that the total between January 23, 2019 and July 3, 2020 309,434.40 Moved From Effervescence’s bank account to Patrick Pellarin’s two accounts at Royal Bank in installments.

“When he was almost earning a salary 100,000 [Patrick Pellerin] There is Thanks to the money embezzlement was achieved in less than two yearsTwo new buildings […] In addition to getting a new luxury car, “said Vincent Boyle, the union’s new interim president.

4 On December 25, 2020, Marie-Claude Shatauniev took her own life.

“Before he died, he contacted a bankrupt trustee to explain to him.” Organized by that it was a matter of deception [Pellerin] And his son “Mr Boyle explained.

The trustee then contacted Sûreté du Québec, who conducted various inquiries and notified the union on December 15, 2021. To date, no criminal charges have been filed.

.7 18.78 / hour
The average salary of a security guard

$ 21.41 / hour
The average salary of a traffic signalman

Source:, Quebec data as of June 15, 2022

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