June 21 in Togo: What do you mean by Martyrs’ Day?

Yesterday Tuesday, June 21, our country Togo once again remembered its martyrs. The day was obviously a public holiday throughout the national territory, and wreath-laying ceremonies were held here and there in memory of the men and women who have lost their lives for the Togolese nation since the colonization.

So if the event is changed from a memorial to the Pia martyrs to a national event, it must mean serious and important.

But a deeper understanding of the significance of this event, as well as its importance, will have to be applied to the citizens of today and tomorrow, for the specific cause of defending the same cause that was defended by these martyrs in Togo. Mourning today?

In fact, those we call martyrs are the sons and daughters of heroes who have invested themselves in protecting our land, our identity, our values ​​and our cultural heritage. Faced with white settlers, whose goal was to subjugate the African people and force them to abandon their lands, our ancestors fiercely opposed the practice of living almost exclusively in the service of the settlers. The value of their lives. Because they were deeply connected to their heritage, their land, their culture, their religion, their practices and practices that gave meaning to their lives.

That said, the slingshot was fierce but did not allow us to win over the enemy who, tired of the war, colonized us, exploited us and chained us around the dream of his life until death. The period of independence and even beyond. Because despite this fierce and bitter struggle for independence, colonialism has not been able to ease the trauma of the African people to the point where our first leaders objected to our countries begin the process of building our country. According to the principles of wealth and our lives, the target of the attack was also the one who led to their assassination, thus inflating the status of the martyrs in whose memory the country is calling for celebration today.

Attached to them is of course a long list of committed individuals who have abducted their souls for free during our own internal political war. Everyone is now part of the many memories of celebrating and dedicating this day of 21st June

So if a lot of people come together for a common cause, which allows us to come to earth and live our lives today, just because these ancestors wanted to create a suitable place for our lives at any cost, what about us? Mission, our responsibility towards their memory?

Would a simple day dedicated to them be enough to pay homage to them and honor them with dignity and due respect? Of course not!

We must go further, by taking firm and decisive action which not only allows them to preserve their achievements, but, above all, to capitalize on the well-being of all Togolese people, their development and their pride in belonging to a tradition for which people literally They lost their lives.

As we said above, our grandparents fought to protect our land because they were aware that they were the real source of wealth and resources. They have soaked the jersey to protect our identity values, because they knew by experience and pure common sense that they would allow us to live together, regulate social life and uphold justice and fairness among citizens. They have elevated our identity, for the time being, because they knew that without it we would have no pride in survival and no way to pay for our existence.

So assuming that the respect we owe to them must be part of this fight that gives us the margin that is given to each man and that allows him to hear his voice wherever he is needed.

But honestly and seriously, are we really committing ourselves today to the path of liberation that effectively honors our martyrs?

The current situation in our country, the precarious level of development of our beloved Togolese citizens and a purposeful approach to the continued sale of our land for the benefit of foreigners makes us easily realize that we are almost on the brink of bankruptcy with these basic issues for which our entire lives have been ruined.

In fact, it is well known in our borders that a parent invests in his children in the sole hope of seeing it develop and get more performance from him and his future, so that his name may be more enduring and passed down from generation to generation. Generation

Can we bend our chests to ensure that our forefathers are worthy sons and daughters, based on the strengths or achievements of the true warriors of life?

It seems to me that everyone knows the answer to such a question and so it is incumbent on me to come to the conclusion that those who have this heavy responsibility to govern the policies of the people of our country by governing us must have done their job. .

Their attachment to our identity values, to the intrinsic principle of our lives, to our cultural heritage, to our land… will naturally depend on the life or future we are going to create for Togo and Togolese. Our responsibility is to leave a legacy left to us by these martyrs, more than that, which we are to mourn every 21st of June.

But in the absence of a very high awareness of this responsibility, it is our duty to honor our martyrs with the work of our nobility and glory and to take part in nurturing the principle of this transition which is a feature of life. Even, the folklore of June 21. Absolutely no knowledge, none!

Luke Abaki

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