Lion Electric has inaugurated its Terebone Experience Center

This morning, Lion Electric Company unveiled its new Experience Center at Boulevard Des Enterprise in Terebon. This is 8e Its center for Quebec manufacturers of 100% electric trucks.

“The Terebone Experience Center is becoming the nerve center of all our experience centers in North America. It’s a bit like the core of our experience centers,” explained Mark Bedard, Founding President of Lion Electric.

Terebone is therefore home to Canada’s first lion experience center. Other centers are Sacramento, Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, New York and Jacksonville.

Mark Bedard, President and Founder of Lion Electric. (Photo: Leo)

Experience centers are fully adapted to electric vehicles. “Everyone is starting to realize that you can’t market electric vehicles like diesel or gasoline cars. We need all the services we need to make a smooth transition to electricity, “Mark Bedard underlined. “Electrification of transport is going at a really high speed. A few years ago, people wondered if electrification would happen. Today, we no longer think about whether it will happen, we think about how fast it will happen.

By experience, we want to say Lion electrical experience as a whole. The centers provide information about Lion electric vehicles by operating them in real-world situations. The Lion Energy Division also has a variety of charging stations. The center also has training rooms where teachers assess electrification skills. The center is also used for parts distribution and has everything you need for preventive maintenance, remote updates and pre-delivery checks.

A portion of the more than 48,000-square-foot building has been dedicated to the Lion Beat Division, a telemetry service that has been adapted and installed in each of the lion’s carriages. The data collected makes it possible, for example, to perform preventive maintenance of vehicles and perform remote updates.

The Lion Experience Center in Terebon is the flagship of the Lion Experience Center. (Photo: Steve Bouchard)

As a result of the 1 million investment, the Lion Experience Center in Terebon will create about sixty jobs, a number that will increase to one hundred in the next few months. The company does not plan to open other centers of its kind in Quebec, but plans to open more in the US states, especially Virginia, Vermont, Minnesota and Tennessee. Lion Electric has more than 400 vehicles on the road, which has traveled more than 13 million kilometers.

The Terebone Experience Center allows you to drive a Lion truck in real life.

Lion recently announced the construction of a battery factory and innovation center in Mirabelle. It plans to produce batteries early in the second half of 2022, as well as build a vehicle manufacturing plant in the United States that will produce its first vehicles on the same schedule. All of the company’s vehicles are currently manufactured at Lion’s North American plant, with a current production capacity of 2,500 electric buses and trucks per year.

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