Theater in the service of social support

[SIA Habitat, Pas-de-Calais, 24 056 logements] Social landlord SIA Habitat’s bet is interesting – the cultural vector, combined with more traditional social support, in a dwelling, in a building, but also in the region, to assess whether it is in favor of family reunification.

This is a test case that won a call for housing and projects from the National Assistance Fund in the summer of 2021. To implement this, SIA Habitat surrounds itself with partners – Association Active Life andApsaActive in social care, and Comédie de Béthune, employed to innovate the framework of cultural support.

The target is 22 undocumented families in the two regions of Pas-de-Calais – Bethune-Bruy, Artois-Lice Roman and Henin-Carvin urban communities – of which 16 are supported in terms of access to housing. And 6 to maintain their own accommodation.

Budget, rights, debt

The first group consists of priority families. ” Dalo 6, placed in emergency accommodation or with a third party.

  • Culture: “It is important to explain the social utility of our mission”

“The county council helps us identify. He is part of our steering committee. We are cooperating closely To avoid duplicate support, ”explained Sabria Mahmudi, SIA Habitat’s“ Social and Urban Development ”project manager.

For the remaining components in the housing, it is SIA Habitat that identifies families at risk of eviction and includes them in the test. The social workers of the two partner associations diagnose a social disease and begin assistance. “It simply came to our notice then. If necessary, we will accompany them to the CAF or the municipal center for social activities, “testified Amandine Bonnière, coordinator of the active” housing “department in La Vie.

Social workers then suggest that families welcome comedians de Bethune to their homes. “We work on a free membership policy,” said Amandine Bonier The artists go to the family in pairs. “We are working with confidence, with the ability to speak and express ourselves,” said Clementine Senechal, public relations officer at Comedy de Bethune (read below). The one-and-a-half-hour workshop includes small theater shows of objects and shadows. The actors gradually incorporated family members into the development of the show.

Rediscovered vitality

“People believe in artists differently. They are expressing intimacy ”, Clementine Sénéchal continued. Thus, a young girl, who lacked inspiration, surprised her mother with her new vitality.

“This work on paternity has been made possible by the complementarity of both social and cultural activities,” said Sabria Mahmudi. Also, artists invite families to explore nearby cultural facilities. “We are trying to integrate them better in the region,” the project director added.

Contact: Sabria Mahmudi, SIA Habitat Project Manager,

“Little by little, the actors integrate family objects and stories.”

Clementine Senechal, Public relations officer of Comedy de Bethune

“The actors start the workshop by telling stories about food, a theme that usually brings families together. They rely on songs like Joe Dassin’s “Le Petit Pain Au Chocolate” or Nino Ferrer’s “Les Cornichons”. They create objects and shadow theaters. Gradually, they incorporated family objects and stories.

They end up making a small show together, otherwise creating booklets with illustrations to illustrate the living experience. A highlight where social workers are invited closes the sequence of five workshops. The purpose of the visit to the cultural facilities is to expose families to their environment in the process of regional settlement through culture. A

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