Social Security National Social Security Fund Promotion Service for Insured: 100% in Professional Qualification Certificate Examination

The Social Insurance Fund’s Social Insurance Promotion Service (SPAS) hosted the closing ceremony of their school activities on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. An event that also marks the release of the 41st campaign of young girls trained in tailoring This year, this vocational training center has recorded a 100% success rate in a State Diploma Certificate of Professional Qualification (CQP) exam. The best students are awarded at the ceremony. Overall, SPAS has achieved satisfactory results.

After three years of hard work, the Vocational Training Center for Young Girls of the Social Security Promotion Service of the National Social Security Fund (CFPJF / SPAS) organized a graduation ceremony for the 41st promotion of young girls trained in Couture this Tuesday, June 21. , 2022. The event also marked the end of the school year with a total of 88 students at the center at the time, including 28 in the 1st year, 35 in the second year and 24 in the 3rd year. CFPJF / SPAS has recorded a 100% success rate in the Professional Qualification Certificate (CQP) exam this year. In fact, the center represented 24 students, all of whom were admitted.

“Since 1978, CNSS has provided each winner with an installation kit,” said Dorothy Evelyn Sara, head of the SPAS division.

For the head of the SPAS department, Dorothee Evelyne Saré, these results testify to the commitment and determination of the staff to do a good job and enhance the reputation of the center. “Our satisfaction is even greater today because 24 students have earned a certificate of professional competence which is a national diploma,” he said enthusiastically. So he congratulated the new seamstresses and challenged other enterprising 1st and 2nd year seamstresses to invest more in tackling the challenges that 3rd year people threw at them. Mrs. Sarah did not forget to congratulate her colleagues for their work. “I reiterate my sincere congratulations to all the supervisory staff for the quality of training imparted to the students,” he said.

In the speech, the student representative, Pascaline Cabore, addressed a word of thanks to those who have contributed to their training, adding that “especially the first CNSS officials for their moral, material and financial support” without which their dream of training in tailoring would be fulfilled. It will never be a reality. “We had a 100% admission rate and on behalf of all my comrades, I thank you. We will always be grateful to you, ”he said. Students will want CFPJF / SPAS to become a testing ground for professional qualification certificates in the years to come.

41st Promotion, All Admission to Professional Qualification Certificate Examination, A State Diploma

“On my behalf, I would like to congratulate the regional management of CNSS for its dedicated efforts in training young girls in the field of sewing,” said Antoinette Nanema, godmother of the outgoing campaign. After expressing deep gratitude to them for their choice and trust in his humble person, he promised to accompany his goddarts in their socio-professional life. “It’s a sign of consideration for me,” he said. He further said that he is very satisfied with the 100% admission rate.

Aware of the difficulties SPAS faces in training girls, Tidjani Kambu, director of health and social work prevention, assured staff of CNSS general management support to improve their working conditions. To make SPAS a reference center for the new elite of seamstresses in Burkina Faso.

At 41st Campaign Godmother Antoinette Nanema promised, “I will support my Goddaters financially as long as I can”,

To facilitate the socio-professional integration of these young seamstresses, CNSS has provided the first three of the 3rd year with an installation kit consisting of a sewing machine, a cutting table and educational materials. The three best students of the center, i.e. the top students in each class also received incentive bonuses.

Yvette Hien, intern

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