National Indigenous Day | Reaching out to get to know each other, get to know each other and be united

Recognize. Conference. Telling ourselves that we exist for each other. It is, of course, a matter of perspective. It’s definitely a question of a pair of glasses, a pair of eyes that one decides to wear. And yet, this is a question first and foremost … a stretched out hand. The hand that we have chosen to come together, to be grouped, in pairs or more, to face life.

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Melanie Vincent and Pascal Fournier
Member of Huron-Wendet Nation and Director of KWE Festival, respectively! And President and CEO of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

Indigenous language and culture are brilliant. They are in the sky of society, science, politics, economy, life at home. They shine because they always bring us all a little closer to who we are. To recognize, to “reconcile”, to be true, it must all be said frankly, not a question of words as a question of attitude. This means adopting an attitude of openness and recognition above all else. In the desire to enlighten other people without extinguishing oneself, it is first of all that one can be a true ally.

This consciousness is great KWE! Was born, where Quebec’s 11 indigenous peoples and non-indigenous peoples shrug and celebrate together. This openness to our environment and the people, cultures and languages ​​that represent our society is what the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation sanctifies as a future scholarship recipient for future committed leaders. Without this commitment to try to learn the native language, apart from the two official languages ​​of the country, no true leader can emerge, because language is the link of all our exchanges. Language binds us, just like dance, just like music, just like art and even like love, which we have anchored the most, the most humane and the most common among each of us.

We, together, indigenous and non-indigenous, to recognize and shine in the light of living together, to build the society of the future based on our teachings from past and present society. Without fear and hesitation. With praise and gratitude.

On this National Indigenous Day, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation KWE! Glad to take part in the festival, a valuable opportunity to celebrate the bonds of our community and our recognition of the language and culture of the First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples. We acknowledge, in this regard, the invaluable contributions of Mary Batiste (‘Lnu Academician) and Lorna Wanosts’a7 Williams (Lil’wanosts’a7 Williams (Lil’watul Academic)), two experienced Indigenous Academics and Fellows of the Foundation, who will host a Round Table. And a discussion circle on indigenous knowledge and languages. Their conversations will highlight the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Declaration of 2021 and the prospects proposed for the Indigenous Language International Decade 2022-2032. Together, we share the aspirations, aspirations and responsibilities Will be able to explore so that, over the next decade, there will be a “true leadership committed to the recognition of indigenous languages ​​as guardians of identity and cultural history” (UNESCO), as well as the rich cultural and linguistic diversity of our society.

We, the co-authors, would like to celebrate, on this occasion, this richness of incredible energy, a richness that has nurtured our bond for years of friendship and cooperation, a strong bond that forms a promise in our eyes. Tomorrow the alliance and create a real desire for success for each other.

Each of us must be proud of the history we carry. Not only should we nurture this pride in ourselves, it is also important to nurture this pride in our neighbors, because those who want to improve each other can make real progress: that which is woven into mutual encounter. Let the sparks of all the friends of this world shine! Let the fire of the tribals burn tomorrow, today and tomorrow. Tiawenhawk! Thanks!

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