New documentary series aired on 6th June 23rd

At 9:05 pm on Thursday 23 June, 6ter will begin airing a new documentary event series: “The Queen of Construction Sites”.

In France, less than 2% of women in building sites …

Greater Paris construction site, construction of a rugby stadium, underwater construction site, work on cliffs or high-voltage lines … In the center of this XXL construction site, women bring their stone to the building every day.

They are Crane Operator, Scuba Diver, Tunnel Boring Machine Pilot, Query Machine Driver, Rope Access Technician, Electrical Network Technician …

You are going to follow the exceptional daily life of these six queens of the construction site, these enthusiasts who do not hesitate to risk their lives every day during more spectacular missions and have to immerse themselves in this extraordinary male profession while meeting them. Life as a woman and family!

Among these xxl projects, find the 6 heroines of the program:

marion There is an exceptional course! After 5 years in the French navy, he returned to civilian life as one of five Scuba diver That counts France. A unique destiny, including extraordinary missions: every day, it conducts dangerous activities and operates underwater construction sites, sometimes in extreme weather. Extremely athletic and in good company, the life of this hyperactive woman who makes her own organic cosmetics from plants while diving is very full. This optimistic bachelor just needs to find love!

Former beautician, Claudius Leaving everything 13 years ago Crane driver, The cornerstone of work sites. Sitting on France’s third-largest crane more than 30 meters above the ground, he had to be extremely careful not to injure his colleagues on the ground, which gave him a steep climb of adrenaline. A charismatic woman, she knew how to force herself into the dazzling mission of men in this profession, forcing her to admire her husband and her 2 children whom she was very close to.

Former graphic designer and illustrator, Dawn About 3 years ago everything turned out Rope access And brave for all the dangers: from his 1m55 heights, he works with ropes and from huge cliffs or steep slopes that he and his 100% male team must protect the roads and houses below. Despite the job uncertainty and his recent accident, he welcomes this career change every day. Finally free and happy, she enjoys her new nomadic life, moving from site to site in her motorhome!

For Married, Workplace is a family affair! He joined a career led by his father at a very young age, where he acquired a taste for management XXL gear. Rock breakers, crushers, backhoes, compactors have no privacy for him! In the months ahead, this woman of strong character will face a big challenge: taking charge of the family business after her father retires! Fortunately, he can rely on his twin sisters Jesse With whom she has a fusion relationship as well as her 2 children and her husband who are unwavering support.

At a very young age, the public works profession imposed itself Lola : 5 years ago, he left his birthplace Corrèze to join the Grand Paris project as Europe’s largest underground construction site Tunnel boring machine pilotThis 100 meter long imposing ship is under the control of which the future tunnel of line 16 is being dug. Though emotional, however, the 3/8 rhythm and the difficulty of its work, where every wrong element can have more serious humanities, begin to wane. Lola, Who is struggling to find a social life in Paris at the same time …

For more than 10 years, Mayeva Improves its dangerous profession Electrical Services Technician Which consists of repair and maintenance work on electrical networks, especially on high-voltage lines, most of the time 15 meters away from the ground. Fear of getting electrocuted every day! Proud of the feminization of her art, she enjoys anti-social reactions on construction sites. A 2nd degree and a joie de vivre that this mother of 2 also cultivates in her personal life full of activities.

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