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Here is your horoscope, sign by sign, decan by decan. The astrologer gives you predictions of his love, wealth, work, family and health for the next week.

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20 March -20 April
Social life Financial negotiations, which have dragged on for weeks, are likely to succeed (local in the 3rd Deccan). But you have to agree to a discount.
Emotional life You spend your time blowing hot and cold, alternating between tenderness and indifference. So much so that your partner no longer knows which legs to dance to. Be careful not to play with fire.

April 20-May 21
Social life You will be faithful and determined (3rd Deccan). So there is every chance to impose your point of view, especially since Saturn (the planet of time) is no longer there to interrupt you.
Emotional life Venus (love), in your sign, crosses the path with the unexpected Uranus. On the positive side, there could be a real crash, such as the movie (2nd Deccan). Negative, it would rather be a break.

May 21 – June 21
Social life Not many aspects of the planet this week: the path is clear! Take the opportunity to move forward with your various projects and connect with people who can help or advise you.
Emotional life You will be more of an audience than an actor, as if you are a living thing by proxy. One of your loved ones seems to be going through a very intense moment in their love life (2nd Deccan native).

June 21-July 23
Social life Living with your superior, or a relative, is not easy. His bad temper makes you overweight (2nd Deccan native). It may be time to get angry and set boundaries.
Emotional life If you receive a last minute invitation, accept it. Not only do you have a great time, but your friends can introduce you to someone who will get your full attention.

The lion
23 July-23 August
Social life The power of Mars allows you to regenerate, to get a beautiful life force (2nd Deccan). And you’ll need it to handle unexpected events or last-minute changes in your job.
Emotional life Your relationship is going through a crisis (born around 9 August) it can be the result of internal or external problems. Don’t make decisions based on emotions.

23 August-23 September
Social life You can clearly see your interlocutors in the game (3rd Deccan). It is impossible to lie to you or force you to take a bladder for a lantern. This will be an undeniable resource in your discussion.
Emotional life Love can fall on you when you least expect it (born around 9 September). Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem.

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23 September-23 October
Social life The completely unexpected flow of money will be thematic for some locals in the 2nd Deccan. And that’s good because you need to put a little butter in your spinach. Don’t spend it all!
Emotional life Living with the people around you is not easy! What if you go into conflict instead of trying to smooth things out? Maybe others will stop provoking you.

23 October-22 November
Social life You have a lot to do. The only way to do this without stress is to ask for help. You may not like it, but there are times when you need to know your limits.
Emotional life Expect to be touched by your love life born around 9th November. It’s hard to say whether it would be beautiful without your birth list. Make sure you have strong emotions.

22 November-22 December
Social life You’ve been on a roll for some time! We encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity that arises. Good luck to you (1st Deccan native).
Emotional life What scares you most in a couple is the routine and the resulting monotony. You need it to thrive in your relationship. The good news is that nothing can stop you from taking the initiative!

22 December -20 January
Social life You seem to have a problem finding the right balance between your professional responsibilities and your family responsibilities. Do not put too much pressure on your shoulders. Don’t claim too much.
Emotional life Your favorite and gentle can organize a beautiful surprise for you. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, try to enjoy the present moment and show him that you appreciate it (2nd Decan).

January 20-February 19
Social life You can’t stay in place for more than five minutes straight! So it is difficult for you to concentrate on what you have to do. In this case, we should not force things, we must share them.
Emotional life You can see someone in your past, an ex but not necessarily. At least we can say that facing this good fortune (in reality or in your dreams) will not leave you indifferent.

19 February -20 March
Social life This is a good time to start regular exercise or try to balance your diet. You will have the desire to make good resolutions and keep them up to date!
Emotional life Let yourself be blown away by the event, especially if you have just started flirting. It is possible that this story took a surprising and rather delightful turn (born around March 9).

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