Discover your free horoscope from May 29 to June 4, 2022 by Christine Haas

Here is your horoscope, sign by sign, decan by decan. The astrologer gives you predictions of his love, wealth, work, family and health for the next week.

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20 March -20 April
Social life
Beware of anyone who wants to get in your way (1st Deccan)! You won’t have to type at all. Be careful not to react too quickly and too loudly.
Emotional life With those you love, you are more entitled than usual. This may be of concern to your spouse, your child or your friends. You risk getting the opposite effect that is expected.

April 20-May 21
Social life
Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, will resume a direct course on the 3rd in your 3rd Deccan. If you are cold with someone, you will have the opportunity to renew your dialogue. Catch it!
Emotional life Good news! The planet of love (Venus) has been performing in your zodiac since the 28th. You should feel better and have a better self-image. Through victory?

May 21 – June 21
Social life
On the 30th, there is a new moon that holds your sign and that only forms beautiful aspects! It’s time to start a project, start a new job or seek expert advice (born in May).
Emotional life You are more romantic and more blue flowers than usual. Blame it on your imagination, which will be even better than before. But be careful not to confuse your sweet daydream with reality.

June 21-July 23
Social life
Anger is building for the locals in June. This can be related to an annoying professional situation. Or it could be the result of a power relationship with a parent or your spouse.
Emotional life Talking to your acquaintances about your worries or fears can give good advice. His presence and support will help you keep a cool head and not take everything to heart. In short, only positive vibes!

The lion
23 July-23 August
Social life
You feel like you’re growing wings, ready to take on the world! It’s been a long time since you’ve seen this. Have confidence, don’t let it slip (born in July).
Emotional life Your tendency to make decisions for others will intensify this week. You think you’re doing it for their own good, but they don’t necessarily see it that way. So avoid too much instruction.

23 August-23 September
Social life
After waiting a few weeks, you will finally hear from your stagnant client or file. And chances are you’ll be very happy!
Emotional life On the 28th of Venus (love) friend entered Taurus. He will perform in one of the most fulfilling sectors of your zodiac for a few weeks … If you are unmarried, a crash is possible.

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23 September-23 October
Social life
Union and division are the order of the day, partnership for some, separation for others. You have to fight to put your own interests first.
Emotional life You live in the imagination that can express it, good and bad. On the positive side, you put your imagination into the service of your personal life. On the negative side, you will be more jealous than usual.

23 October-22 November
Social life
Listen to your body (born in October) a little more. If you are in pain, don’t tell yourself it will go away. Make an appointment with a doctor and get treatment.
Emotional life The planet of love (Venus) is now orbiting in a sector designated for the couple. So this is a great time to get close to your partner or to meet if you want.

22 November-22 December
Social life
The situation is at its peak for your sign (born in November). If the rest of your birth list points in the same direction, everything you do in the next few days will work.
Emotional life Your partner or your winner is waiting for the moment to prove your commitment. Here you are in trouble, you who are just scared. However, do not make any promises that you cannot keep.

22 December -20 January
Social life
Family, home and the past are at the heart of your concern (1st Deccan). Whatever the nature of the problem needs to be solved, do not make decisions based on emotions.
Emotional life Fortunately, you will be warmly surrounded. There will be someone in your immediate circle who will be able to comfort you and take your mind off anything. Let him support you!

January 20-February 19
Social life
Your mind is running at full speed, to disturb your sleep! You’ve been bombarded with thoughts all night and the worst part is you’re worried about the details. Exercise, sleep well.
Emotional life You’ll be in a homebody mood and it’s rare enough to underline. You would rather take care of your family and your comfortable little home than socialize (1st Deccan).

19 February -20 March
Social life
You may decide to work overtime or look for a side job to add some butter to the spinach. You have every chance to find out (born in February).
Emotional life There will be more light in your love life! If you are in a relationship you will find a beautiful complication with your loved one. If you are unmarried, you will have no problem attracting the attention of others.

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