Osama Ammar: “We will see if I go to prison”

How to bow out at 35? On November 29, 2021, young Osama Ammar shared a lengthy message on LinkedIn to announce his departure from The Family, the famous start-up incubator he co-founded with two associates nearly ten years ago. He, the visionary who got Emmanuel Macron, the economy minister, the “tech guru” with millions of views on YouTube, has a sense of reaching the end of the road. And he wrote: “Being the right person is no longer a chance to become a new person. In response, hundreds of fans paid tribute to him: “Power! “Big up and thank you!” “What a great! A page (and what a page!) turned. Widespread impact. Total respect 🙂 We want more! »

Eight months later, two of his former partners welcomed us to their lawyer’s office, a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées. Alice Zaguri and Nicholas Collin spent several weeks conducting this interview. It is not easy for them to wake up someone who was also their friend. They accused him of embezzling at least 3 million euros for personal purposes. Five procedures have been filed in France, including a criminal complaint on suspicion of breach of trust, fraud and fraudulent use, money laundering, but also in the UK and the Cayman Islands. Then each word is weighed with all its weight. With their mentor, Mr. Evan Terrell, they sometimes give the impression of reciting pre-learned notes and unrolling the chronology that leads them to the quagmire, as if trying to figure it out on their own. They trusted him completely, they insisted again and again. And they didn’t see it coming. On the Medium site, Alice Zaguri writes: “When trust is given and tested over time, we are no longer suspicious, we let our guard down.” Before us, he poses a dilemma that he cannot resolve: “That How could he want to destroy everything the family has worked so hard to build? »

Let’s admit it, we’ve heard everything about Osama Ammar and the opposite. Shareholders, entrepreneurs, admirers and detractors have described to us a character with a thousand facets: visionary genius, dangerous manipulator, extraordinary storyteller. A complex and unclassifiable man, hated and loved, magnetic, delicious, intolerable, liar, generous, egocentric, intelligent, transgressive, excessive, megalomaniac. Some of our interlocutors demanded anonymity, while others agreed to speak to us before withdrawing. But how can an image on the web evoke so much emotion? What does this fascination say about us and our world?

June 1, 2022, first exchange with concerned person. “Write what you want, it doesn’t bother me too much,” he responded to our request for an interview with his lawyer. He prepares his defense in his corner, and prefers to communicate in his own way, with a following of 120,000 subscribers on his Instagram account. We look at the photo album of his life, or at least the one he wants to show: banquets with friends at the end of the world, trips to Bali or the Maldives, evenings with the star pianist Sophien Palmert, fireworks, jumping into the swimming pool and here, a sentence in English that will make you wonder: ” In chaos, there is fertility. In other words: Fertility is in chaos.

Instagram is happy

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One day, his account announced that he was coming to Toulon, at the end of June, for a conference entitled: “Programming Yourself to Succeed and Launch a Successful Business. We send him an email to participate; His reply reads with a smiley worthy of 2000 “You can always buy a place :-)” Five hours later, new email: A friend convinced him to talk to us. An appointment is fixed, just before her big return to the stage.

This Saturday, June 25, it’s finally here. Gargantuan look, rolled up jeans, two-tone Converse, one red and one blue. He carries a backpack with The Family stamp. “I still have 20% of the box,” he laughs. Around his right ring finger, a gold ring in the shape of a labyrinth, as if he took a malicious pleasure in losing those who approached him. We settled on a cafe near the Zenith de Toulon. A double espresso, a muffin and off we go: He jumps from one anecdote to another, from Greco-Roman mythology to the history of the Vikings, with rhymes like: “The gods laugh at all, especially those with business plans . He jokes occasionally.” , his amused eyes are almost childlike, then immediately close. He’s returning to the family and answering questions we haven’t asked him yet: “If there’s one thing I wouldn’t do, it’s apologize for anything. “Zero regrets, no regrets. “Everything comes down to duality,” he theorized. You can’t have a life full of adventure without a life full of wounds. He too has his grievances, but reserves them for trial. “And we’ll see if I go to prison. Hearing him speak, his former associates hated him as much as they loved him. And he is not immune to it. At the end of our exchange, a glimmer of disappointment crosses his eyes: “To be honest, what’s happening to me, I didn’t see coming. »

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