Panini Album: Profitable Business That Gives Ideas

Objects of worship, the famous Panini words became financial objects. Behind these stickers of football players hides a real business that anyone who spends Euros to complete their album.

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Thousands of euros to find Lionel Messi! seriously?“Hugo’s eyes are popping out of his ears. Initially, however, it seemed like a good idea to give the Panini album from the World Cup in Qatar to his two children, aged five and seven: “It served as a bargaining chip when they were very reluctant. A bag of panini and the discussion ends. It was a good deal, especially since they liked it and played quietly. The problem is that there is no one at their school to exchange their fake stickers. Only Australian players! And they want the only sticker of Lionel Messi, which doesn’t seem to exist. Panini is ruining me!

It’s been a World Cup staple since Mexico 1970: fill out the Panini sticker album to find out all about the teams in contention before the competition opens. Every four years (counting the European Championship every two years), young and old set off in search of the stamps of the most prestigious players, who have become the object of digs and other commotions on playgrounds and offices. But filling an album is not easy. And with every World Cup, the price starts increasing. This year, we even crossed a symbolic bar: 1,000 euros to fill the album! A maths professor at Cardiff University calculated. If the Qatar 2022 album includes 670 vignettes for 0.20 euros (1 euro for a pack of five), Paul Harper calculated that, counting duplicates, it took… 4,852 vignettes. or 1,000 euros. A 12.8% increase compared to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, which itself was more expensive than Brazil 2014, a glorious era when a package of five stickers cost “just” 0.60 euros.

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Pele, the grail of thumbnails

Inflation has a good return. The company denies this, but the reality is that the Panini brothers’ business, launched in the 1950s (and in its current form since the 1970s) operates by mass production of doubles, while some images are edited to a smaller volume (Lionel Messi, for example). …). This, in addition to the football craze, has elevated the Panini sticker to collector’s item status. Our professor Paul Harper thus calculated for the 2018 World Cup that, if the first sticker purchased was guaranteed not to be a fake, the second was only 99.85% likely not to be a fake, 99.7% for the third, and so on. “In summary, He told the Guardian, You’re still only halfway through when you only have nineteen stickers left to collect.” Panini pushed the collectibles craze this year by creating legend stickers for certain players… necessarily legends. Well hidden in just a few packets, gold-rimmed stickers of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe or Kevin De Bruyne are the holy grail of super fans. A lucky few decided to sell their golden Lionel Messi stickers on eBay. Asking price: $500. But the Grail of Panini’s stickers remain the same as those of Raja Pele in the 1970 edition Signed by the player, it was sold at auction in 2017 for €12,000

Do you want digital Messi?

You did not imagine that your album Mexico 86 had so much market value? Panini is It’s in order not to be overshadowed by SoRare on its right that Panini takes a new course by launching its thumbnails in NFT form. The French start-up actually started the year with a huge conceptual and financial hit. By launching the first virtual football player card, it broke all glass ceilings. The card of Manchester City’s Norwegian prodigy (still at Dortmund) Erling Haaland… was “bought” for €609,000. Crazy meaning for a “thing” that doesn’t exist in the physical world. Panini 2.0 is the era of cards. Starting with So the Italian company responded quickly ahead of the Qatar World Cup by putting a collection of 420 cards in the virtual world on the circuit, several of which are considered “rare”. You can now buy a pack of seven NFT cards for 5 euros and get a digital certificate of authenticity And with a bit of luck, you will see Lionel Messi… but if not, you will have the possibility to exchange your cards through a platform similar to the playground. A chance to recover from the 1,000 euros spent to complete the Qatar 2022 album? Hugo believes this: “Imagine Argentina will win the cup, Messi’s virtual card will be worth hundreds of thousands of euros! It’s a shot to play“…

A very rare, virtual competition

SoRare is a company created in 2020 by two French men The concept is Panini 2.0

SoRare offers football players virtual cards associated with a certificate of authenticity. In short, a purchased SoRare card, however virtual, is equivalent to your own artwork. Another innovation of SoRare, which has partnered Zinedine Zidane and Kylian Mbappe, is to offer games with its cards. Thus, you can buy your players and form a team of five. The team’s financial results will depend on results in the real world, on the ground. For example, if I have a Kevin De Bruyne card and he scores three goals, his monetary value will skyrocket. So we have the opportunity to imagine being a player’s agent or club president in the virtual world… So, a revolution in the world of football or a new financial flow? Thing is, most people addicted to Soror are… soccer players themselves, many of whom are known to be pretty cash-strapped. This raises an ethical question, as SoRare can also be seen as a new form of sports betting.

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