Leisure: If you are a parent, don’t forget this device!

Every parent ever had to leave work Caring for a sick child or disabled person. Obviously, a school day doesn’t work for a cold, but as soon as you have to care for a loved one who has a disability or a very significant loss of autonomy, this device may interest you. So, if you ever have to stop work to take care of your children. can benefit fromOld Age Insurance for Parents Staying at Home (AVPF). effective, Since the 1970s, parents who reduce or interrupt their professional activities to care for their children may benefit under certain conditions. Old insuranceParents’ Welfare at Home (AVPF). As a general rule, allocation of this insurance is done automatically. However, there may be Sometimes something is left out We tell you everything that has been observed!

What is AVPF?

Created in 1972 under the name Assurance vieillesse des meres de famille (AVMF), the AVPF guarantees support to all parents with pension rights. In fact, old age insurance for stay-at-home parents Ensures continuity in the constitution of your pension rights. And in this case, you will Anna Stop or reduce your professional activity. In relation to one or more children or persons with disabilities Who needs your daily support.

This free device, after all, makes it possible to obtain a quarter of the pension insurance under the basic scheme. In fact, contributions are added to the retirement account. And this allows to verify the quarter without necessarily finding work. These quarters are then used to calculate the old age retirement pension. So, depending on the situation you find yourself in, you may be entitled to an increase in your retirement pension amount. A device that many people don’t know about.

Terms benefit from this device

To be eligible for this old age insurance for stay at home parents, you must have One or more dependent children in the household. But during interruption or reduction of activity, also receive or have received certain family allowances. However, it should be noted that the list of allowances has evolved over time. Additionally, you must be able to justify that your income level is below the prescribed threshold. In principle, no No action is required For stay at home parents to be able to benefit from this old age insurance.

in general CAF (Family Allowance Fund) or MSA (Agricultural Social Mutual Fund) is responsible for providing all social benefits. But also Associate them with pension insurance. Although the scheme has been reserved for mothers only since 1979, women are still the main beneficiaries.

Paying this increase to your retirement pension

As a general rule, “non-work” periods are routinely reported on career statements. And this one, titled “Old Age Insurance for Stay-at-Home Parents”. However, the circuit between the Family Allowance Fund and the Health Insurance Fund may create some errors. In fact, it still happens that some people, who retire, do not get any quarter valid under AVPF. And this, when they can benefit from this facility. Some people may also have quarters on their account statements. But only for a part Years of interruption or reduction in activity. In this case, the fixed period falls by the wayside. However, this device does not help as a known. Many people don’t seem to ask. They lie to avoid the risk of losing years.

code off Social security

code off Social security Emphasizes the issue of contribution due under AVPFA calculation based on a fixed basis. The latter is equal to 169 times the minimum hourly increment wage per month. It comes into effect from 1 July of the previous calendar year The monthly fixed base applicable in 2021 under the AVPF is calculated at 1,715.35 euros. In addition, AVPF Not part of family benefits And so the beneficiary is not paid. But to old age insurance (cnav) AVPF then provides entitlement, but only for basic pension calculations.

Request of AVPF

Be that as it may, it is still possible to verify missing periods a posteriori. And this, if you understand that they are Slipped through the cracks.The ideal is to ask the Family Allowance Fund to find the statements sent by CAF or its beneficiary numbers every year and conduct an AVPF survey. The Pension Fund may also request additional information from the Family Allowance Fund. It’s a bit of an obstacle course sometimes. It is best to do this at least two years before retirement so that your retirement pension payment date is not delayed. “, advises Yusuf Ghanim. Retirement consultant at YG-conseil-retraite.

Old age insurance

It is still possible to benefit from old age insurance for parents at home. And this, under the responsibility of a disabled person. In fact, it means that this person, after receiving the opinion of the Commission on the Right to Autonomy of Individuals disabled, has designated you as a contributor So you can switch on demand. And that, along with your CAF or MSA Fill out Cerfa form n°14104. Remember to attach all requested documents. If you wish to apply for affiliation to the AVPF for any other reason, there is often no procedure to be followed. effective, CAF will process your affiliation, automatically. And this, if you meet all the conditions. This device then allows you to Receive old age insurance contributions for your retirement.

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