Simon Astier is well known for his “funny” science fiction series

In 2017, the series aired easily Work And Transfer The same year the challenges and push to ask questions: finally good French science fiction on TV? Five years later, French television is doomed to failure among viewers UFO (s), Infinity, Parallel And The audience, Broadcast on Warner TV from Tuesday and available on demand. For the creator, director and actor of the latter, Simon Astier, “It’s a question of generation”: “Our generation is now at the center of the series’ creation, use and distribution.

“Alien vs. Hunter”, unexpected reference

But as with the superhero Hero Corporation, Simon Astier could not create a series of science fiction, and more precisely alien attacks like the others. He plays Richard, who leaves his childhood friends Bob and Mitch to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and join the Point-Claire City Police. From his first day, he had to deal with the warm welcome of his colleagues and the strange light that hit the sky.

If, Invader Per X file As we go through the Saturday trilogy, references strike a chord in the viewer’s mind, with Simon Astier already grasping and another: “I like it, strangely.Alien vs. Hunter. The union of two giants. I was always tempted by the idea of ​​two aliens coming, not one. One is beautiful, and the other is much less. It is then a question of associating oneself with an entity from somewhere else, which means in the case of discovery, questioning, etc. It’s really one of my favorite movies: Night Film, Snow Film, Underground Temple Film … “Actor and comedian David Mercies cut it out:” Everything in it The audience Actually “. Simon Astier burst out laughing.

Comedy, a genre taken seriously

David Mercies, like his Palmasho sidekick Gregoire Ludig and many others, responded. The audience. He explains to Agent Mueller (yes yes) and sees the series as “X-Files with Ugly Characters”. “I immediately recognized Simon’s handwriting,” he added. He is a comedy writer, he has his own melody, he has his own touch. He doesn’t try to strike a balance between drama and comedy, which is normal for him. “Simon Astier agrees:” I have no attitude. , The character and even the staging service. “

“I use every penny in the budget”

Thus the first episodes give the viewer what they can expect from a national project before they are even more dazzling and even more spectacular. Per Independence Day By Roland Emerich? “I didn’t have the money,” replied Simon Astier. But I grew up shooting with string bits. Today you give me a budget, I will use every penny. David Mercies added: “The more money we have, the more we will do Star wars

Its eight episodes The audience Thus shot in 29 days, with green screen, special effects and arrival a series “a little weird, a little off, single”. And the first original creation of the Warner TV channel. Simon Astier wants to continue, but: “I will not start a long series like this again Hero Corporation. The two seasons are good. With a nice finish. David Mercies has an idea: “Why not a special Christmas?”

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