Rich business in prison

Former inmates are heard condemning the poor conditions in prisons. What we didn’t know was that there was a lot of business going on in the prisons. The situation was aired yesterday by Guy Marius Sagna, coordinator of the Frap France Degage movement, who animated a press briefing with the families of the prisoners in Kawlaq.

“Something unacceptable is happening in prison. Until now, prisoners in the penitentiary camp have been banned from taking food from their families on false pretenses of coronavirus, while people are flocking to the stadium to watch matches or concerts, ”said Guy Marius Sagna, who is a prosperous businessman. The backs of the prisoners were kept in the penal camp. “Inside the prison, there are three Tanganas who each sell and pay 5,000 FCFA to the prison administration every day. This is about 500,000 FCFA per month. Where is this money going? Mystery and the Eighteenth Ball, “said Frap France Degaze, coordinator of the movement, during a press briefing yesterday. In order to work in Tangana, Mr. Sagna said, family food must be prevented from entering the prison. “Besides, selling eggs in shops is prohibited. After pushing these, the prisoners have to go to Tangana stage and buy eggs. We claim that families who want to give breakfast, lunch or dinner to their detained relatives may enter the Penal Camp. What happens at the Penal Camp is the prison business. “

More than 20 detainees were released from the penitentiary camp and transferred to Kawlak Prison

The second point addressed by Guy Marius Sagner relates to the situation of the Kawlaq prisoners. “More than 20 detainees, all of whose parents are in Dakar, were brought to Kawla a month ago. The prison administration has this right. It is important that the state, keeping the decisions it makes and executes, keep a strong social dose. “These families have no way to bring food to their children every day,” he said, noting that prisoners in Kawlaq bought sugar in a glass of tea at 125 FCFA. “It is indecent to take advantage of prisoners by selling them at unacceptable prices. At Kawlak Prison, there is only one tap for more than 250 inmates. There is no water in the rooms. And the cell roof is made of zinc. 60 FCFA is billed for 10 seconds of telephone communication. It’s a prisoner business, “said Guy Marius Sagna.

According to him, a proposal was made to the authorities to audit 37 prisons in Senegal. “For 5 days, some prisoners were in solitary confinement because they were protesting against certain habits of which they are the victims.”

Moreover, the FRP leader is extremely sensitive to the fate of prison officials, which he considers deeply unjust. He believes the latter are among the lowest paid defense and security officers. “They are paid very little in terms of salaries, benefits, bonuses and allowances. But regardless of their circumstances, these prison officials whom we protect must not pursue the prisoners or take advantage of their last resort, “said Mr Sagna, who fears the rebellion will one day begin.” Prisoners. ” “In the days ahead, we’re going to talk about an action plan that we’re going to roll out,” he said. The Minister and the Department of Prisons (DAP) are asked to bring their children back to Dakar.

In tears, Salimata Ndia wants more sympathy for the prisoners, especially those who are in Kawla. “We want them to respect their rights, because they are human beings, not animals,” he said

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