Interview: 15 years of the Festival de la Poutine by Charles Dubreuil, programmer of Les Trois Accords

The Festival de la Poutine, founded by members of the Les Trois Accords group, will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year. For the event, Le Canal Auditif contacted festival programmer (and band drummer) Charles Dubreuil to discuss the matter.

“You know, we travel a lot with the group, so we have a lot of time to talk”, explains me Charles Dubreuil When I asked him where the idea for the festival came from. A few days after this discussion, the drummer called Simon Proulx, the singer of the group, with the price of a stage rental, installation, security… “It was just a discussion of questions, and these questions were answered, then we continued with other questions, and finally Until we did an internship in a park with 5000 people and it was chaos”, said Dubreuil.

Chaos? When he compared his first version with documentaries about festivals such as Woodstock 99 and Fire Festival, the musician realized that the errors in their scale were minimal. “Of course […] If we had expected 50, 100,000 people, it would have been an absolute disaster. But in the beginning it was a festival for 5, 6, 7000 people, it was manageable, we found a solution very quickly and we learned a lot from the first edition”, he reasons.

Being an artist and managing a festival

Also, being an artist helps with the logistical organization of the festival. “We can literally do industrial espionage everywhere,” laughs the programmer. Seriously, he points out, participating in festivals and making connections with the people in charge of these events helps them in the festival. Regarding the effect of the group’s notoriety on the festival, Charles Dubreuil Subtlety: “I have a work ethic, I will never speak directly to an artist about their appearance at a festival or anything. […]. I will always go through official channels. »

Now, “when Simon [Proulx] Talking to a transport company and asking if it’s possible to sponsor the event and exchange services, transport versus venue at the festival is probably, of course, easier than someone who just calls out ‘hello’, I’m leaving a festival. ‘”, he continued.

Effect of epidemic on troop morale

Last year, the Festival de la Poutine set up a shortened version due to the pandemic. An experimental experience for drummers and programmers: “I said to myself: “Can I just play drums in life? I love doing it, I’m good at it, it’s fun. It was unthinkable for him to repeat the test if this were 15e Versions were performed under the same conditions. “This year, we can manage, I’m back to where I was in 2019, which is a great feeling of pride. It’s really fun to do,” she testifies.

During the pandemic, when he did manage to get on stage, “there was always a sense of failure that really existed difficult Because when you play music, your reward is people singing along with you, dancing, it’s the power of the crowd. There, you have 200 people in a room with masks who are separated from each other, who are not allowed to sing, who are not allowed to stand. You play and you always have a sense of failure. The poutine festival was a bit of the same thing,” he admits.

A 15 celebratione editing

“There will be no fireworks, no more confetti, we don’t do that kind of business over there”, advises Drummer 15 of the celebration.e Anniversary In fact, the organizers’ sole purpose is “it goes well. Moreover, for the first time in five years, the group will step on the board of its festival. “This is our little eye,” explains the musician. However, fans of the group (like the author of his line) hope to hear new songs. Shouldn’t, except perhaps for the younger songs Above-ground swimming pool. “Since its DNA Three contracts It is really blackmailing people. […] It’s a bit like introducing songs people don’t know: “Bleh, that tune doesn’t scream,” explains the band’s drummer.

To create your program, Dubreuil Go to dozens of shows a year and see the crowd’s commitment to the artist and his development. This year, the hardest part was for the programmers to choose the artists without seeing them perform. Success in programming? “Fredz, Pelch, Marilyn Leonard, Arian Roy, Lou-Adrienne Cassidy… these are all artists who have popped In the last two or three years. I put 20 something in there. His album launch, Lion d’Or, was tragic. It was cool, but it was people sitting in chairs with security forcing them to stay still, it wasn’t fun to watch. Larry Kidd. Lawrence-Anne I think it’s going to be great,” lists the programming chief.

Poutine is festive poutine

When I ask him who cares about picking the poutineer and if group members have a say, Charles Dubreuil burst out laughing. “It’s Pierre-Luc [qui s’en occupe] […] He rides a motorbike, his day off […] And he’ll try the poutine he’s heard of. When I ask him which is the best on the site, the drummer replies with a smile: “I admit that I’m not a big consumer of poutine, unfortunately, because it’s difficult for me to manage the festival with a stomach full of potatoes.” As for the other members of the group, a The consensus seems to run” but we have a duty to reserve “, teaches me Dubreuil.

So you’ll have to make up your mind between August 25 and 27 in Drummondville. Tickets are still available here.

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