A gloomy evening for the Blues, as Tambury, Ingebrigsten and Thiam decorated themselves in gold.

Posted by Aurélie SACCHELLI, Media365, Thursday August 18, 2022 at 10:46 pm

No medals for the French athletics team this Thursday in the rain at the European Championships in Munich. Quentin Bigot notably had to settle for seventh in the hammer final, while three Frenchmen competing in the 200m did not qualify for the final.

The Munich evening was like the weather for the French athletics team: dark, with very little sunlight. Although the Blues managed to win medals on Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday evening, the start of which was postponed for thirty minutes due to heavy rain, turned out to be very sad. This was especially the case with Quentin Bigot. Vice-world champion in 2019 and fourth in Eugene last month, the 29-year-old hammer thrower can hope for a podium in Munich. But a back deal, which happened during his first attempt, dashed his hopes. After averaging the first throw at 75.28m, he was beaten in the next two, but managed to finish in the top 8 with three more throws to spare. It then got better for him, as he improved each time, finishing with 77.48m on his final throw. But hoping for a podium was insufficient and he had to settle for seventh overall. The reigning Olympic and world champion was Poland’s Wojciech Nowikiki, who won gold with a throw of 82m ahead of Hungarian Bens Halasz (80.92m, personal best) and Norwegian Eivind Henriksen (79.45m).

Past Trapp and Cambours

At the height, the competition ended quickly with Sébastien Micheau (24), who was playing his first final at this level. Deux-Sévrien missed all three of his tries at 2.18m, the first time that presented itself to the competitors. It was Italian Olympic co-champion Gianmarco Tamberi who took the lead thanks to a jump of 2.30m, ahead of German Tobias Potie (2.27m) and Ukrainian Andriy Protsenko (2.27m). Over 1500m, Azzedine Habz could do no better than 10th in the final in 3’40″92, far behind the exceptional Jakob Ingebrigsten, who, at nearly 22 years old, is about to complete his awards list with a new European double 1500. 5000m, of the championships Record at stake (3’32″76). The Norwegian mainly beat Briton Jake Hayward (3’34″44) and Spaniard Mario Garcia (3’44″88). A few minutes later, Manon Trapp finished 19th and last in the 5000m final (in 16’15″44), won by Germany’s Konstanze Klosterhalfen, who won in 14’50″47 to lead the Munich stadium. Turkey’s Yasemin Can (14’56″91) and Britain’s Elisha McColgan (14’59″34). Finally, Leonie Cambors finished 14th and last in the heptathlon (4949pts), the title ahead of reigning Olympic, World and European champion, Belgium’s Nafisatou Thiam (6628pts) Meru Adriana Sulek (6532pts) and Switzerland’s Annik655 (6532pts). , national record).

Grebo, just the evening smile

The men’s 200m didn’t get the laughs either, where the three French runners failed to qualify for the final. Méba Mickaël Zézé (20″47), Ryan Zézé (20″58) and Mouhamadou Fall (20″83 despite a left hamstring injury) will now move on to the 4x100m relay, where they will seek revenge against Eugene. On the women’s side, Gemina Joseph also failed to make it. , due to her time of 23.36, but the laughs came from 21-year-old Breton Shana Grebo, who trains in the United States and who qualified for the final brilliantly, finishing second in the half in 23″13. Finally, in the very last test of the evening, Serbian Ivana Vuleta (former Spanovic) won by a length, thanks to a jump of 7.06 meters, breaking the dreams of the reigning Olympic, World and European champion, German Malaika Mihambo, who failed to win in front of her home crowd, 7 03 meters. Britain’s Jasmine Sawyers (6.80m) “satisfied herself” with bronze, while France’s Yannis Davies finished eighth (6.51m). Tricolor Lan…

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