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Over the past few days an article I wrote in late 2017 has come to mind, titled “El Gofio de la Discordia”, where I recall the adventure and disaster of a certain million euros that the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, governed by Nueva Canarias, gave ad hoc to the Polisario Front as humanitarian aid for the camps from Tindouf. The peculiarity of this case is that the million euros were paid entirely in gofio (for those who don’t know, gofio is a typical Canarian dish. It’s a dough made from roasted cereals and ground, especially wheat and corn).

“A million euros in Gofio is a lot of Gofio”, Then underlined the spokesman of the Popular Party, Felipe El Jaber. This million euro gofio for Sahara was also approved by the plenary of the Cabildo because the money came from an apparently secret NC-PP deal at the national level, directly brokered by Mariano Rajoy. At least that’s the justification given by Eternal Solidarity adviser Carmelo Ramirez during this plenary session.

This additional aid to the camps was publicly sold through Madrid as a personal achievement of the Cabildo. Not taking into account the fact that 2.1 million euros were allocated to humanitarian aid by its Solidarity Department that year for various solidarity actions, and that a budget allocation for Tindouf was already planned for that additional million. As for Advisor Ramírez’s completely private affair with Sahara, we can already see the cabildo’s favorable treatment of the Polisario in the context of the asymmetry in the distribution of this aid, to the detriment of other potential beneficiaries in need. Help.

But what is suspicious, and what went unnoticed at the time, is that six months earlier, during a visit by Saharawi leaders, this million euros had already been promised to them by the president of the Cabildo, Antonio Morales. Just like that, without a vote. It was so strange that even Podemos abstained from voting a few months later, making the issue important for a political party that is also sympathetic to the Polisari. Perhaps they smelled a certain odor of obscurity, even of assimilation.

This is the question that concerns us now, the opacity, Lack of transparency. It appears that a few days ago the registration of the Nueva Canarias Party was canceled by the Ministry of Interior in the Register of Political Parties on July 12, 2021, following a court decision, not to report for the past four years. . Carmelo Ramírez, who is also the organizing secretary of his party, was surprised by the somewhat lame apology and removal from the register of political parties. “They have not received any application, they are still receiving grants, they have changed seats, we are very surprised,” he said. In this situation, perhaps they did not know that they had not presented their accounts for four years. They are perhaps presented alone, or through infusion science.

Ignorance of a rule does not exempt you from obeying it, nor does ignoring the rule, but information has consequences.. And the organizing secretary of the party who wants to be serious cannot give such an excuse in such an embarrassing situation. Statements that indicate a certain cynicism It is not surprising that the alleged and very credible ignorance of the information by the party, especially when it has been more than a year since the deletion from the register, and when the rules clearly state that before going to court, the party register sends a warning. There was an epidemic, you may have problems for one year, but four years?

Let’s go back to the beginning of this article, and remember that the fraternal bond of Nueva Canarias with the Polisario Front continues. Often times, couples look alike. In this case, even in the deterioration. From the fall of one on the opposite bank, we in a short time approached the other. In both cases, they share circles of power allergic to retirement and where, in reality, transparency and accountability have not been their strong points. Here comes another responsibility, political responsibility.

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