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Summer is at our door! For relaxation, why not discover the SFFF movie releases for this June!

firestarter – Released on June 1st

A little girl who can control fire? In a superhero comics, it would end well, with Stephen King, not so much!
We told you about it here, FirestarterAdapted from the novel Charlie by Stephen King, one of the most anticipated releases this year. It is a reboot of the 1984 film starring Zac Efron and Ryan Kiera Armstrong.

For over ten years, Andy and Vicki are constantly on the move to evade a shadowy federal agency intent on imprisoning their daughter Charlie. In fact, it has an extraordinary faculty of pyrokinesis that the Agency would like to use to create weapons of mass destruction… Andy teaches his daughter to control her anger or her pain which triggers her powers. But Charlie is now 11 and finding it increasingly difficult to control his emotions – and hence the outbreak of the fire. When the agency learns where he and his parents are staying, a mysterious agent is sent on a mission to track down the family and capture Charlie. But the young girl doesn’t want to let herself go…

It’s wonderful ! – 1st June release

A light-hearted, fantastic French comedy It’s nice!, signed by Clovis Kornilak, invites you to dive into a universe full of poetry, humor, love and enchantment. In short, a film that feels good.

Pierre, in his forties, has always lived among his bees and his hibiscus, away from the disorders of the world. When his parents disappear, his whole universe changes: he discovers that he has been adopted and must learn to survive in a modern society he has never known. Determined to explain the mystery of his origins, he crosses paths with Anna who, touched by the grace of this man like no other, agrees to help him. But as he proceeds with his investigation, Pierre fades away as if by magic.

secret event – 1st June release

The film is in a completely different register secret event Invites us to follow the story of Rachel, played by Kasia Wolff. Directed by Tatiana Bequette-Jennel, this fantasy drama will not leave you indifferent.

Rachel, in her thirties, is a lawyer. Dominated by Maxim, the adopted daughter of a large family of magistrates, ruthless and eccentric prosecutors. Despite this heavy family environment, he did not leave the family carelessly. He frees himself by abandoning himself to strange daydreams, engaging in fantasies and nightmares that lead him to free himself from his environment. The reality of a case will hurt his life: Anna, his client committed suicide in prison. In front of this woman’s coffin, everything comes back to her, the visiting room, the crime scene, the story of an abused life. They lived in the same village as children. Like a fairy tale, a castle gate separates them. One was a poor little girl, the other a rich little girl. Then begins an inner journey for Rachel, where a ruthless class struggle, a difficult social and sexual liberation is faced. The truth about the relationship between the lawyer and the defendant comes to light and forces Rachel to face her obsession, her repressed homosexuality, her risky choices and the cruel reality. In the form of a story, it is a reflection of a society losing its bearings and conflict that all these characters show us.

Jurassic World: The World After – Released on June 8

It’s a movie we’ve already talked about a lot here and here. Jurassic World: The World After Finally reached the dark room to our greatest delight. The five-star cast includes actors such as Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, Omar Sy, BD Wang, Justice Smith and Isabella Sermon.

Four years after the destruction of Isla Nubla. Dinosaurs are now part of the daily life of all humanity. A fragile balance that will challenge the supremacy of the human species as it must share its space with the most ferocious animals in history.

Male – released on June 8

maleAlex Garland’s new horror film (Ex machine, annihilation, in June you will shiver! Follow a lost heroine, played by Jesse Buckley, through a physical and emotional path of cross.

After experiencing a personal tragedy, Harper decides to isolate himself in the English countryside, hoping to be able to rebuild himself there. But a strange presence seems to be haunting him in the surrounding woods. What begins as a latent fear turns into a full-blown nightmare, fueled by her darkest memories and fears.

Covenant of the Wolves – Released on June 8

Long live technology! the film Covenant of the Wolves It will be released in cinemas again, but this time in 4K format. A chance to (re)discover this international success that had over 5 million admissions when it was first released in 2001.

In 1766, a mysterious beast rampaged through the mountains of Gevaudan and claimed many victims, with no one able to identify or kill it. People are afraid. It is a monster from hell or a punishment from God. The case quickly assumed a national dimension and undermined the king’s authority. Chevalier Grégoire de Fronsac, a naturalist to boot, was then sent to the Gevaudan region to paint animal portraits. Handsome, absurd and logical, he is accompanied by an eccentric and silly Gem, an Indian from the Mohawk tribe. The latter settled with the Marquis Thomas d’Aper. At an evening given in his honor, Fronsac met Marianne de Morangius, the heiress of one of the country’s most influential families, and her brother Jean-Francois. Fronsac soon came up against the enmity of the influential men of the region.

thunder thunder – Released on June 22

Immerse yourself in childhood with this family comedy thunder thunder. its fans doll story Angus McLane (Dory’s World) will be voiced by Chris Evans (Captain America)!

The true story of the legendary space ranger who inspired the toy we’ve all known ever since. After being stranded with his commander and his crew on a hostile planet 4.2 million light years from Earth, Buzz Lightyear tries to get everyone home safe and sound. For this, he can rely on the support of a team of ambitious young recruits and his adorable robot cat, Sox. But the arrival of the dreaded Zurg and his army of merciless robots won’t make their job any easier, especially since the latter has a very specific plan in mind…

The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie – Released on June 29

50 years after its original release in 1972, The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie 4k will be out in Ultra HD! A blend of dramatic comedy and fantasy, this feature film was directed by Luis Buñuel, whose work is one of the most impressive in contemporary cinema.

The Thevenots come to dine with the Senechals. Surprise: Meals were planned for the next day. Thévenot invites everyone to an inn converted into a cremation chamber. New reception, Saturday, but this time the seneschals are busy… so the dinner will be constantly postponed for reasons as absurd as each other.

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