How is artificial intelligence poised to fundamentally change some professions in the automotive sector?

Artificial intelligence has long been a concept of science fiction. We often see him in movies or television series, but also in novels and comics. With technological advancements being made at a barely believable pace today, it is clear that artificial intelligence has become a reality and is no longer just a fantasy. You only have to think of the capabilities of desktop computers to touch this reality with your fingers.

The same is true of art. Long-conceived projects are seeing the light of day after a long period of research and development, and with them, a combination of willingness to push innovation to its extremes.

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AI-based technology

This is the case with a model of automotive scanner that has recently hit the market. The principle is simple. All you need to do is to do a full inspection of the vehicle through the scanner. This scanner is presented as a kind of portal and which will capture images through the twenty cameras it is equipped with. They are able to take pictures from all angles and thus virtually reconstruct the car completely.

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Thanks to an artificial intelligence of image recognition, a computer platform processes the latter, comparing them with images of the same model of the car in new condition in order to determine with precision the location, nature and severity of any damage. Car damage. Apart from the fact that it makes it possible to take fantastic shots of the automobile, it above all offers the advantage of near-immediacy: the person using the application receives a reliable and detailed report on the condition of the state immediately. vehicle..

Multiple applications

Many professions in the automotive sector need regular checks on vehicles, all the more so given the fundamental changes taking place in the way we “use” automobiles. The principle of purchase is going to marginalize to give way to rent, whether traditional or long-term, as well as many sources that highlight the concept of sharing. Thus our way of rethinking the automobile has spawned this new cutting-edge technology.

Using such a device can undoubtedly allow them to save time. And as everyone knows, in business, it’s very rare that time represents anything other than money. Here are some specific examples of applications where this can be on a daily basis:

  • For manufacturers: This allows them to check the conformity of vehicles produced at the end of the chain and the principle is also valid for original equipment manufacturers.
  • For Dealers: This system simplifies the process of buying and selling used vehicles online by offering eg hotspot Which allows to visualize specific components of the vehicle in more detail, be they defects or qualities
  • For company car fleet managers: Facilitating vehicle inspections, especially when they are returned by the rental company; Inspections performed by this system are so effective that they fully allow detection of any problem invisible to the naked eye
  • For vehicle rental companies: Simplification with tremendous time savings in check-in and check-out procedures, especially inventory, which can now be done 24/7. The slightest damage, no matter how small, is instantly detected and encrypted
  • For insurance companies: Allows a claim to be declared by substantially limiting fraud; Moreover, there is no need to hire a specialist or go to the garage where the damaged car will be checked, everything can be done remotely and the results of the inspection as well as the amount of repair costs are sent instantly. , the entire process is greatly accelerated

While some of these applications are already in place, others are still only in the project stage But all of these technologies are particularly promising for the future.

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