“Client” is a term now obsolete… – controlling company

In such remote times, there was the religion of the client-king. A blessed time when companies competed in creativity to satisfy those who might be interested in their products or services, anticipate their desires and develop a passion for service. Sincere customer orientation and frenzied search for underlying expectations were the rule, the major contributors to organizations felt valued. Now, for most companies of a certain size, the customer has become a problem and everything has been done to make direct contact with the organization impossible. In fact, eminent skill experts have set up IT platforms that are supposed to provide answers to identified standard problems… but which are never ours! Employees of these organizations therefore engage themselves in multiple tasks that are certainly essential, within the framework of necessary procedures, but cost them too much to waste time with those who pay them…

I have had a bitter experience of this recently. Deciding to invite my family to Brussels to see the Stones concert in mid-July, I prefer our national company to a well-known low-cost company to benefit from potentially better service. First surprise, for vague reasons that it was obviously impossible to guess, we found out via SMS on the bus that the flight was cancelled. An offer of a replacement flight followed, leaving for Munich to arrive in Brussels in the evening at the end of the next morning… The possibility of spending the whole day at the airport in full Juleste effect, just as a loss day visiting European capitals does not impress us, we refuse the proposed ersatz. Kari and look for another solution, an option not provided by the online system. A TGV leaving an hour later for Paris seemed an acceptable option, so we hurried to Cornavin, without immediately calling the reserved hotel in Brussels, one of the largest French hotel groups, to inform them that we would not be staying. Not able to reach him same evening and so we will need room in Paris. The next morning is the second TGV and we finally arrive in the Belgian capital.

On our arrival, we ask for a refund of the prepaid room for the first night in Brussels and in the same chain instead of where we slept in Paris; But internal procedures prohibit this, and no actor on the scene can decide otherwise, even if everyone agrees on the inconsistency of the situation. And finally, the pompom! On the way back, our company with a white cross unilaterally decided to cancel our seats and assign them to other more humble passengers without any prior information. New search for solutions in extremis for return and it is finally the low cost company Kamala that brings us back to the harbor in the evening. Operation cost for 5 people: 4.5 times the initial transport budget (TGV Geneva-Paris, hotel in Paris, TGV Paris-Brussels, return flight Brussels-Geneva)! And I spare you my futile attempts to contact the 5-letter company, after waiting a record 31’20” without an answer at the “service center”, the aptly named, reassuring and familiar message looped : “All our staff are currently busy, please stay on line”. Indeed assured, because associates, we thought there was more.

How long will we accept this behavior? How did we get to this level of absurdity in this system where employees are so childish and unserviceable and customers are treated so badly? The frantic search for the lowest price ultimately satisfies no one and creates substantial indirect costs. More sensitive to market realities, it is high time to protect other values ​​and forget these insane globalized bureaucracies for which we are nothing more than credit card numbers.

Finally, let’s emphasize that the concert was amazing and all these adventures allowed us to meditate on one of Mick Jagger’s famous hits: “You can’t always get what you want…”!

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