In Michelle’s Eyes – The Chronicle of August 3, 2022

Maxime Neveu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the 39th edition of the Festivet, invites you with members of his volunteer team to come and have fun at the two festival sites, namely Parc Champigny and Juvenat Notre-Dame. , 3 to 7 August. For more information:

Agathe and Roger Lachance, our former mayors of Pintendra, recently celebrated their 57e Wedding anniversary. Congratulations to you both! (Image 2)

Sylvain Thériault, who works at IGA Marché Landry-Tardif, recently celebrated his 50 yearse Anniversaries We wish him another 50 years, minimum. (Image 3)

Prestige dinner-conference with Saint-Henri resident and Hydro Quebec President and CEO Sophie Brochu, followed by Belleches-Echemins Chamber of Commerce’s Great Networking 2022, will be held on October 26 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. , at the Saint-Henri Center Recreation Center. For information:

Last July 9 there were 14e The Ride de Filles, an important motorcycle ride reserved for women only, aims to raise funds to benefit the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. The event raised more than $360,000. (Image 4)

Many know the construction Serge Pouliot de Pintendre, but few know its history! Led by Kaven Pouliot since 2015, the company was founded more than 37 years ago by his father, Serge Pouliot. Over the years, it has been able to maintain its initial goal, which was to make it a family business, Mr. Pouliot’s intention when he created it. (Image 5)

We celebrated CJMD 96.9 host Alain Perron’s 40 years of radio in style. (Image 6)

Leah, of Alliance-Geunesse Chutes-de-la-Chaudiere, recently had a birthday party. (Image 7)

In mid-November, Bières et Frites will open a new restaurant in downtown Lévis This establishment offers a snack idea. Welcome to Levi’s. (Image 8)

The call for projects will be open again from August 22 to September 7 in support of cultural proposals for educational pathways managed by the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications. This program is intended for cultural organizations with experience working with young people as well as artists and writers registered in the Culture-Education Directory.

Michel L’Hébreux had the pleasure of giving a lecture to civil engineering students at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. They were visiting Quebec. These youngsters and their teachers appreciated learning about the fascinating history of the Quebec Bridge. (Image 9)

Doo-So Auto Parts is proud to present the new image of its Saint-Romualde premises. (Image 10)

Jacques Pelletier and his whole team at Piazzetta Saint-Nicolas are happy to finally welcome you to their new restaurant. (Image 11)

Did you know that Côme Desrochers has been at the helm of Sportive Québec-Lévis for 16 years? Thank you for all these years of involvement! (Image 12)

People of Saint-Henri, you will enjoy the first edition of Henrifest on August 12 and 13. For more information:

Thanks to its valued donors who have generously supported it over the years, the Fondation Jonction pour Elle has been able to respond to one of the main needs expressed. On the 13the Pictures, joy and delight can be read on the faces of Sylvie Bernachez, Director of La Junction Pour Elle, Sylvie Despres, Assistant Director, Sylvie Bernachese as she takes over, as evidenced by the pose in front of the 8-seater gray Sienna 2020, at Ste-Foy Toyota, With Sylvie Alcaraz, General Manager. This vehicle will, among other things, make it possible to accompany women and children in many of their legal processes, their housing search, their medical and psychiatric appointments or group social outings.

If the VRSB had a VRSB Hall of Fame, Michelle Bedard’s number would definitely be retired. One of the founders of VRSB, he retired last year. Your ex wishes you a happy retirement, lots of good wine and adventures at sea on one of your many boats They hope you enjoyed the surprise party a lot (14e image).

La Junction Pour Elle 40 Celebratione 30 June is the anniversary of his residence. It was a magical evening surrounded by beautiful people (15e image).

In closing, I would like to wish happy birthdays to Denis Boucher (August 1), Sylvie Breton (August 2), Guillaume Leclerc (August 3), Frans Marotte (August 3), Guy Morin (August 4), Hugo Langlois (August 3). 4 August – Desjardins), Jean-Philippe Guay (4 August), Pascal Brulot (5 August – General Manager of Cope Edgar), Jean Garneau (5 August – President of Groupe Garneau), Joël Fournier (5 August – Sunny Blue), Jean- François Hamel (August 5), France Beaulieu (August 5 – Vitery Beaulieu), Nathalie Samson (August 5 – Executive Director of the Hôtel-de-Lévis Foundation), Maryse Parent (August 6 – Elizabeth and Roger Executive Director) Foundation Parent), Gilles Lemieux (August 6 – city of Levis), Martin Vaillancourt (August 6 – president of Le Corsaire microbrewery), Denis Beaudoin (August 7 – Beaudoin Music) and Louis Gingrass (August 7 – Echemin Bass).

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