3 Ways to Survive When You’re a Parent

podcast “My baby can’t sleep”, “he wakes up every hour”…: Young parents who complain about their nighttime sleep transition to a series of micro-naps, midwife Anna Roy has seen a lot. She was also there as a mother of two children. Discover her tips for better handling first nights with a newborn Method n°1: Organize … Read more

Extra charges are prohibited, but are always extorted from students’ parents

The Minister of National Education and Literacy, Prof. Mariatu Kone has decided to abolish extra charges in public institutions. While some institutions currently comply with these measures, this is not the case for others, where parents of students continue to purchase a certain number of items. To find out what is happening in practice, we … Read more

Parents of pupils concerned after mold found in two classrooms at Landos school

” This is unacceptable. You have to tell the director to sanitize and ventilate these rooms, which is definitely in favor of children’s breathing problems”. Some parents of students of Landos School are literally angry. According to the town hall, the public facility, built in 2010, “has an area of ​​more than 900m²”. “It is … Read more

What is parental educational leave?

Is your maternity or paternity leave coming to an end soon? Instead of taking care of your child, you can continue to take care of your child, if you wish. Fathers like mothers, natural or adoptive fathers, you can benefit from parental leave. Parental educational leave for mother or father: when can it be taken? … Read more

Parental Alienation: How to Protect Yourself from a Manipulator?

Psychology: What is parental alienation? How is this different from hurting the other parent after a breakup? Crystal Petitclin : It is often difficult, during a separation or divorce, for parents to hide their resentment towards each other. When the situation is more serious we talk about parental alienation. When one of the two parents … Read more