Woman’s pelvis | PARENTS.fr

With Dr. Odil Bagot, obstetrician-gynecologist What is pelvis and what is its specialty in women? The pelvis, also called the pelvic cavity or small pelvis, resembles a cone-shaped anatomical cavity. It is located below the abdominal cavity and is restricted to: upper level by pubis and promontory upper edge; Lateral level by osteo-ligamento-muscular structure; At … Read more

Children punished by the housing crisis

Rising living costs and a lack of housing are forcing families to make frustrating choices that affect their children’s development, the Observer des Tout-Petitz reports. A high proportion of Quebec parents say they limit their activity with their children and even reduce their costs for food and clothing in order to be able to pay … Read more

Family Handbook: What’s Changing?

The family book has been revised to include more on the subject of PMA, name choice, death certificate, adoption reform … the new foundations that make up and form a family unit. When and how will you get his family book, update it? Practical advice. Summary Official documents issued at the time of marriage, birth … Read more

“This drama haunts me,” admits one mother

“No matter, I’m devastated. “This condolence card with trembling writing survives on three bouquets of flowers in front of the entrance to Danton Rev. Nursery (Lion 3rd). This Monday evening, many feathers are hanging from the ceiling, in a dreamcatcher environment that was removed from a play experienced by a Lion family last Wednesday. About … Read more

Parents are kings in sports

They yell at young referees, yell at kids who miss the net, harass coaches. It’s not just at school that parents-kings are tough: they are also tough stage managers when they are involved in their child’s sports. Sébastien Noshinravani does not need to explain what a parent-king is. Referees and football coaches know these adults … Read more