6 Series Like Manifest That You Should Love!

Discover series like Manifest that you must watch after Manifest! The Manifesto is available on Netflix! If you want to see A similar series of manifests, to read! ABC’s popular series revealedA flight that mysteriously landed five years after takeoff, it continued to gain popularity long after its initial cancellation. Fans have come together to … Read more

Vesper Chronicles: The Review

VESPER_CHRONICLES Release Date: 08/17/2022 Original title: Vesper Chronicles Movie Length: 1:52 Director: Christina Bugit, Bruno Samper Screenwriter: Christina Bugit, Bruno Samper, Brian Clark Performer: Raffaella Chapman, Eddie Marsan, Rosie McEwen, Richard Brake, Melanie Gaydos, Edmund Dehn Criticism After years of thinking about a truly original post-apocalyptic universe, co-directors Christina Buozit and Bruno Samper deliver this … Read more

Anticosti: Not enough space for ecotourists

Ecotourists eager for UNESCO heritage sites may be disappointed by the lack of accommodation on Anticosti Island, which is struggling with a housing crisis. • Read more: World Humanity’s Heritage: Anticosti bears the geological archive of life “We can expect growing interest in the island from ecotourism enthusiasts, not just in Quebec, but around the … Read more

Normandy, a futuristic wine-growing land like the Middle Ages, is no longer science fiction

Over the past ten years, the topic has often returned to the table. Global warming and wine production in Normandy are no longer ideas to evolve but reality. In January 2022, around thirty Norman professionals even joined forces in an association and a farm will clean its grapes in 2024, not far from Cherbourg. Experience … Read more