“What was exceptional and temporary yesterday is becoming commonplace”

Figarovox / Tribune. – The Minister of Health strongly urges the French to put on the mask again. For Matthew Slammer, it is very dangerous for our democratic states to be arrogant to see for themselves the right to forcibly renew rules like the ones that existed in the complex months of crisis. Consultant and … Read more

Bouldering, a balanced sport

Magazine. Bouldering has been gaining popularity in Quebec for several years. In Drummondville, fans of this discipline gather at L’Escarpé to practice this technical, physical and mental sport. According to co-owners of the place, Simon-Louis Pepin and Yannick Benoit, bouldering is a fun and very accessible sport. Courses adapted to all levels are offered to … Read more

An ambitious and unequal series (on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD)

Artistic notes: (3/5) Summary In the 22nd century, two Androids, Mother and Father, were tasked with raising human children in Kepler-22b, after the Earth was destroyed in a great war. As humans tear each other apart in the face of religious warfare, robots have learned that trying to control human beliefs is complex and dangerous. … Read more

Why should the European Union take its full political dimension

9:00 a.m., June 29, 2022 Times are changing. Against the backdrop of growing Sino-American animosity, the health crisis and then the Russian war against Ukraine leave Europeans with no choice: the European Union will be geopolitical. Otherwise, it would condemn itself to impotence, returning to the insignificance of the Cold War years. But Europe can … Read more