How Certification converts NEOMA’s EMP

How Certification converts NEOMA’s EMP

Today, few schools allow their students to pass certification during training. However, the latter promises to master the tools and techniques needed to practice a profession. At NEOMA, we have been betting on certification for several years. Many professions today require a certain foundation of knowledge that is demanded by companies, be it money, digital … Read more

The German “Drug Jar” will speak at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin

Germany is preparing for perhaps the strongest and most complex reforms in the cannabis policy and industry. Given the size of the German economy and its geographical location in the center of the European continent, the German adult cannabis industry will instantly become the largest on the planet once it is launched. Currently, only Canada … Read more

Business: Kick-off of the Central Africa Business Forum in Paris

From 28 to 29 June, diplomats, economists, and business leaders met at the Fourteenth Arrondissement in Paris, the headquarters of Business France, to present presentations, testimonials, share experiences from speakers, for advice and caution, to identify the most together. Form a new alliance for a fruitful and lasting partnership before establishing themselves in the market, … Read more

Cryptocurrency, outside the main functions of a currency

100 questions! Does cryptocurrency fulfill the functions of traditional money? Carin Decambi Cash: “Bitcoin works like money, just like gold”. Binance’s regional business leadership, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, sees this as evidence of the inflationary nature of the asset. For this reason, he explains, “citizens of countries with volatile fiat currency are using it as … Read more

EM Lyon Business School: Gain Strategic Leadership with “Leading an Activity” Certificate

Over 30 years, the ‘Leading an Activity’ certificate from Emilion Business School has strengthened the core competencies of executives as they develop their agility and creativity in business performance services. Look back at a complete, dignified and highly acclaimed program by its alumni, signed “Emilion”. Boost direction Strategy and leadership, This is the latemotif of … Read more