In St.-Florin (Hout-Lower) new social housing could come out of the ground in 2024

In St.-Florin (Hout-Lower) new social housing could come out of the ground in 2024

“A reception is planned for the end of 2024 in Saint-Florin,” said Jean-Franসois Domas, director of the Association for Housing and Social Integration (ALIS) Troit d’Union. The project was unveiled at the recent general meeting. The social housing will be adjacent to the St.-Florin Retirement Home and plans to house 22 T1 or T2 type … Read more

Mixed record of refugee integration

The publication of the second report of the European Project NIEM (National Integration Evaluation Mechanism), comparing the policy of integration of refugees in 14 European countries, including France, coincides with the start of the new five-year period. Also, the House of Refugees in Paris had an opportunity to present the results of the morning report, … Read more

“Leaders in Pays d’Avignon”, identity dilemma, a social, social and regulatory responsibility “PACA’s economic and political letter

Symposium “ Leaders in Pace d’Avignon For its 13th edition on July 7, 8 and 9 in Avignon, it brings together 150 personalities from the business world as well as politics, administration, sports and science to share issues of management, organization and human governance. The theme chosen for this version is, “Identity Hesitation? Asks the … Read more

Freelance Expatriate: How to Benefit from French Social Security?

According to the Humanis Malakoff Médéric study, 31% of expatriates in 2019 worked as self-employed workers. While this approach is growing, it raises many questions, including social security issues, and some gray areas. In this article, we give you all the advice to benefit from the best social security, French-style as an expatriate freelancer. Expatriate … Read more

Communist senators proposed full social security compensation for healthcare

In a bill introduced Monday, June 20, senators from the Communist Republican Citizens and Ecologists Group (CRCE) proposed setting up the agency. Full reimbursement of healthcare expenses by health insurance Aimed at strengthening and improving the French social security system. Establishing Solidarity-Based Social Security, Integrating State Medical Assistance (AME) Beneficiaries into General Social Security Schemes, … Read more