Ait Taleb continues to meet with unions

The Minister of Health and Social Security, Khalid Ait Taleb, on Friday in Rabat, met with trade union centers representing the health sector as part of a new round of social dialogue with trade union centers aimed at successful implementation. Royal Health System Reform Project. Thus, the Minister welcomed Halima Chouika, member of the National … Read more

Bullet victim Wounded, then expelled

In Montreal North, there have been shootings that make headlines and we mourn the dead. But there are also gunshots under the radar, and the injured remain anonymous. Months later, these survivors struggle to fend for themselves and seek compensation. Press Three young men were met who were shot in their neighborhood, where incidents involving … Read more

In summer, CCAS de Vierzon is more active than ever for the most fragile

If summer is often synonymous with vacation, the Municipal Center for Social Action (CCAS) is active. “There are no service closures during the summer”, declared director Corinne Billie. In contrast, CCAS pays even more attention to fragile populations, families in precarious situations, for whom access to food can be a real difficulty, and frail, elderly … Read more

What is Biometric Vital Card, a plan to combat social fraud?

Here is the idea of ​​Biometric Vital Card to combat fraud in social benefits. The proposal, which the right and far-right have demanded for more than ten years, was put back on the table during a series of questions to the government on Tuesday, July 19. This track is “workable”. And The government will “support … Read more

Michel Rivard and Normand Brathwaite meet at the theater

Theatrical adaptation of the film great temptationThe name has been changed Sainte-Marie-la-Moderne, draws huge audiences at the Gilles-Vigneault Theater in Saint-Jérôme. Michelle Rivard and Normand Brathwaite headline the comedy originally written by Ken Scott. During a rehearsal, we met the two actors, who were very happy to find themselves on the same board after several … Read more

“Scientific Council, composed of brilliant people, has undermined our democratic principles”

Figarovox/Tribune – The scientific council created at the start of the pandemic will be officially dissolved on July 31. Essayist Matthew Slama takes stock of the organization, which is responsible for informing public decision-making to combat Covid. Consultant and political analyst, Mathieu Slama collaborates with various media, notably Le Figaro and Le Huffington Post. He … Read more

“It’s like a bee constantly buzzing in your ear” – Mukti

In hot weather, migraine sufferers experience more frequent and intense attacks. Stigmatized by an illness that is often taken lightly, they struggle throughout the year to improve in their social and professional lives. Sticking a needle in your temple, lying on the cold kitchen tiles, banging your head against the wall… or how to inflict … Read more