Single Parent: What help?

Who is considered as the sole guardian? Is the sole guardian A person who does not live with a partner And that Taking care of one or more children. A lonely pregnant woman is considered a single parent. If you live with a person, whether you are a married couple, in a civic partnership or … Read more

Chased by Hershey’s and Kellogg’s

Three young Montreal men have turned down a multi-million dollar offer from American giant Hershey’s. Their dream is not just to make money fast, but to build their business, Mid-Day Square, the “saputo” of healthy chocolate. Read more: The couple pushed for retirement after 46 years of operating their catering services Read more: The main … Read more

Her duo for archeological actors (on Blu-ray and DVD)

Artistic notes: (3/5) Summary Dr. Rukh found a meteorite that fell to Earth 225 million years ago. Trees contaminated by contact with rocks now have the power of life and death over others through touch. Abandoned all around, Rukh is just looking for revenge … Original Title: Invisible RayMedia tested: Blu-rayGenre: science fiction, horror• Year: … Read more

Housing Recovery | Educaloi

Occupancy is an exception to the tenant’s right to keep his residence. Landlords who want to live there or a relative can occupy tenants’ accommodation. However, he must abide by certain rules and retain the tenant rights. What is housing occupancy? In general, the tenant has the right to stay as long as he wishes: … Read more

Plane tickets The new soup president has warned prices will rise

(Montreal) Rising jet fuel prices will have to be passed on to passengers – at least in part – even as competition between low-cost carriers intensifies, the airline’s new president, Soup, said Monday. Updated April 18 Bob Cummings, president of WestJet Group’s ultra-low-cost subsidiary since last week, said in an interview Monday that low-cost carriers … Read more

Its CA has no francophone: CN makes mea culpa

Canada’s largest railway company, Canadian National, has condemned the decision to remove French-speaking directors from its board of directors, finally closing its doors and confirming that the situation is temporary. Read more: There is no francophone on CN’s board “The absence of French-speaking administrators will be resolved by next year,” the company said in an … Read more