Homework help: It’s never too early!

Homework help: It’s never too early!

As a parent, you are the best person to help your child with homework, but if that doesn’t work, there are many free resources to help. Here are some essential essentials to make this daily time serene and effective. Establish a routine From the beginning of the school year, you must work with your child … Read more

Separation of cohabitants Thank you for the information

There is no formality or obligation to separate cohabitants Free meeting, free break! French law does not recognize Abandoned partner has no special rights. Unlike marriage, no duty of fidelity, support, assistance, contribution to household expenses is imposed on cohabitants. Consequently, everyone is a tenant]-part-lautre-reste-344231″>Independent from common residence whenever he wants, without any formality, and … Read more

Books – Christianity Today

What Does “Born Again” Mean?, Robert Sproul, ed. La Rochelle “No one enters the world already brought into the kingdom of God,” and there is no such thing as being spiritually dead or spiritually alive. Theologian Robert Sproul (1939-2017) thus introduces the theme of this short work that focuses on transformation illustrated by numerous episodes … Read more

Divorce: Union loses its sanctity

Divorce is the formal termination of a civil or religious marriage that previously bound two or more people in polygamy. This phenomenon is a dilemma that some parents face today even though it will completely change their lives. Divorce brings loneliness, depression, darkness and even suicide in a person’s life. In Malian law, it is … Read more

Adequate training to support individuals living with ASD

This article is part of Higher Education in Special Category As autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnoses increase and scientific knowledge improves, it becomes imperative to train individuals who can support and understand the social behavior of those diagnosed. At UQAM, the Graduate Diploma Specialized in Behavioral Interventions (DESS) thus makes it possible to better assess … Read more

“Tomorrow, France’s Biggest Blockchain Users Will Be Farmers”

Antoine Maisonneuve Director of the Blockchain Program at Orange Business Services, the business services arm of the Orange Group, which employs about fifteen people.Lockchain He is also president of the Alliance Blockchain France, an organization that brings together companies and universities, whose Aims to establish a common and sovereign blockchain infrastructure. He explains what the … Read more

The CIC Start Innovation Business Awards has also opened its call for applications in the South West region.

To act as a springboard for projects committed to the development of innovation on French territory, this is the goal that the CIC has set itself with an annual competition aimed at start-ups and scale-ups. Preselection on file, hosted at six regional banks will award 3 winners each. Finalists participating in the national final at … Read more